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You Can’t Tell Me I’m The Only Person Who Saw This Coming?

A report was released yesterday indicating that the United States has recently reversed a 14 year trend of declining teen pregnancies. Gee, you don’t suppose that has to do with the Bush administrations implementation of abstinence-only sex-education now, do you? (or should I say, LACK of sex-education)? Yeah, yeah, Bush has been president for 7 […]

My (Possible) Participation in a Dysfunctional Relationship

Things are going great with Randy so there’s nothing to write about there (besides, he’s been out of town practically for the past month – how could we be fighting?). This has to do with a book I sold on Marketplace. The book was called “Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same”. Some creative person/people took […]

He Warmed the Cockles of My Heart…Literally!

BRRRRR! Winter has arrived early in Boston. The ground is covered in a layer of snow and the temperature this morning was 18 degrees (with a windchill of 1 degree) when I left for work this morning. But I can deal with that. My problem was that the heat stopped working two nights ago and […]

Tis the Season

I enjoyed my brief visit from Randy. Though, it definitely was brief! After work on Friday night, Randy and I hosted a small party (well, mostly a fairly large group of friends) to decorate our Christmas. When I got home from work, Randy surprised me by placing lights on the bushes in front of the […]