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Hot Time, Summer in the City

I actually didn’t spend very much time this weekend in the city (of Boston, at least). On Friday night i went directly to Randy’s after work and then hung out with our friends Scott and Deano. We went into Arlington for dinner at some burger/rib joint (yum). An hour or so later, we drove to Logan Airport to pick up Randy (who was returning from a business trip to Minneapolis). The rest of the night consisted of good conversation and some fiercely competitive games of Taboo.

Saturday we headed south to Pembroke to attend our friend, Jeff’s, birthday party. He lives on a pond so most of the day (from 2PM until 10PM) was spent in his backyard/beach …either eating, drinking, swimming, paddle boating, talking, or swatting mosquitos (the photo above was from his yard). A good time was had by all…and now Jeff officially joins the rest of us in that evil concept known as “our 30’s.”

On Sunday Randy and I got a late start but ended up driving up to Marblehead, MA. Randy had never been and I wanted to show him what I expected Mendocino, CA to look like (based on reports that Mendocino looked like a seaside New England village). We then went to Deveroux Beach (in Marblehead). We’d intended to go to Crane Beach (much prettier…and sandier) but we weren’t up to the drive. Deverouz was pretty – in that you could see some rocky islands off shore – but there was almost no sand; the entire beach consisted of pebbles. Uncomfortable, bumpy pebbles.

And now it’s Monday. And it was raining. And as you know, Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.


  1. Comment by Brad on July 30, 2007 4:40 pm

    … and you didn’t go in the water? What’s wrong with you? LOL Why I saw that the water at the beach there was a warm 69 degrees! 😉

  2. Comment by jeff on July 30, 2007 11:09 pm

    Thanks for coming to my party!! Nice picture..

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