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Oh No…Not Another one of THOSE!

Tuesday=a lazy day for me. So, I’m stealing one of those blog survey things and thinking less. You’d think that thinking any less than I normally do would mean I’m comatose…but my mind is really quite active. It’s my body that lags behind.

1 – Do you still have tonsils? Yes

2 – Would you bungee jump? At 36, no. When I was younger, quite possibly.

3 – If you could do anything in the world for a living, what would it be? Honestly, (and this is really tragic) but I just haven’t really ever thought of that. I mean, as a kid I wanted to be an architect, but as an adult, I’ve never really had huge career ambitions. I suppose the politically correct answer would be a philanthropist. There…how’s that?

4 – How many tattoos do you have? None.

5 – Your favorite fictional animal? God – his stories are so funny.

6 – One person that never fails to make you laugh. Karyn..even when she’s down she can toss out a one-liner that’ll get me to literally LOL…for real.

7 – Do you consider yourself well organized. Overall, yes. But there’s room for improvement.

8 – Any addictions? None that are officially diagnosed, but I do seem to go through phases where I get something (anything: food, real estate, music) in my head and obsess over it.

9 – From what news source do you get the bulk of your news? Depends on the time of day. First thing in the morning, CBS News. Throughout the day, Yahoo! News. After work, CBS News. Evening, Fox 25 News (not the cable channel, but the local Fox affiliate).

10 – Would you rather go to a carnival or circus? Neither…there are children at both. At least at a carnival you can walk around, though.

11 – When you were 12 years old, what did you want to be when you grow up? See #3. Though, at that age I was conflicted between being an architect, a chef, or a bus driver.

12 – Best movie you’ve seen this year? I’ve actually not been to a theatre once this year (yikes).

13 – Favorite alcoholic drink? I’m not much of a drinker, but I’d likely say red wine (cabernet sauvignon, petit syrah, zinfandel….I’m not picky). I did taste a fabulous Gallo Meritage in California recently (at $55/bottle).

14 – What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Um, open my eyes?

15 – Siblings? Yes, a brother (2 years older).

16 – What is the best thing about your job? Oh, there are lots of great things (honestly…and this isn’t just because my blog is on a work server). It’s a toss up between the amazing benefits and an amazing boss. I think I’ll go with the boss (and, for the record, he doesn’t read this…besides, we already got our raised last month).

17 – Have you ever gone to therapy? Oh yeah.

18 – If you could have one super power, what would it be? To read/control other people’s minds.

19 – Do you have any furniture from Ikea. Not really furniture, but I do have some pieces around the home (mirror, area rug, desk lamp).

20 – Have you ever gone camping? Yes, as a child only…Cub Scout camp and, gasp, bible camp.

21 – Gas prices. First thought? They’re ridiculously low in this country. I think the government spends too much money subsidizing gas for cars. Raise the prices, encourage (and improve) public transit, and force automakers to build more fuel-efficient cars.

22 – Your favorite cartoon character? I don’t really know of any contemporary ones. I used to like Droopy…or Shmoo.

23 – What was your first car? A 1980 Pontiac Sunbird. Navy blue.

24 – Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual. No, but I still don’t think it’s for everybody.

25 – The Cosby Show or the Simpsons? Simpsons.

26 – Do you go to church? Only to view the architecture (in Europe).

27 – What famous person would you like to have dinner with – living or dead? You know, this is one of those questions you get asked throughout your life and I’ve never had a good answer. I”m fascinated by twisted minds, so I’d probably have to say somebody like Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer. I don’t want to know them personally, but I’d love to use my mind reading superpower (see #18) and find out why they did what they did.

28 – What errand/chore do you despise? Um….going to the post office. So many other things can be done online or more efficiently…but the post office is a pain in the ass (particularly when I’m collecting mail that’s being held while I’m on vacation).

29 – First thought when the alarm went off this morning? “I wonder if I’m suffering from jetlag. I’m so tired in the morning lately.”

30 – Last time you puked from drinking? Never – I’ve never been drunk.

31 – What is your heritage? I’m guessing you mean ethnic background….German/English….50/50.

32 – Favorite flower. I don’t know enough about them…they all smell like stale urine to me (except lavendar). Hmmm, I’ll say lavendar.

33 – Disney or Warner Brothers? Warner Brothers.

34 – What is your best childhood memory? Oh, this is tough. Throughout my life I’ve had this knack for blocking our the bad stuff and only remembering the good stuff…so all of the memories I have are positive ones. I can’t think of a “best” one. Vacations at the cabin on the lake in Maine were good. Playing kickball in the yard was good. I even enjoyed elementary school. But if I had to pick one specfic moment, I guess it would be the excitement/build-up before my family’s first trip to Disney.

(note: how long is this freaking survery? sheesh)

35 – Your favorite potato chip? Not a big chip fan (prefer sweet things over salty things). If I had to choose, Baked Lays or Pringles.

36 – What is your favorite candy? Dark chocolate (anything but Hershey)

37 – Do you burn or tan? I tend to tan – which is surpsiging considering my genetic make up. I guess it has to do with spending every day of my childhood summers on the beach.

38 – Astrological sign? Gemini

39 – Do you own a gun? Hell no.

40 – What do you think of hot dogs. I like turkey dogs. It’s all about the condiments: saukraut, nacho cheese, chili (not necessarily all together).

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