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Christopher Cross Has Nothing on Me!

While he may have been singing about “Sailing” back in 1980….I’ll be doing the real thing this weekend. Our friend, Peter, has invited us out on his sailboat on Saturday afternoon. I must admit to being a bit nervous. Aside from the paddleboat Randy and I used last weekend and a few 60-minute riverboat cruises along the Siene (in Paris) and the canals (in Amsterdam), I’ve really not had much seafaring experience in the past few decades. I honestly think my last time on an actual sailboat was when I was about 11 or 12 years old: an overnight trip off of Oyster Harbors on Cape Cod.

Since then, I’ve taken a few high speed ferry rides and managed to feel sufficiently queasy each and every time. But time spent on an actual sailboat? None.

All of this is pretty pathetic considering I was raised on Cape Cod (a spit of sand completely surrounded by water). I should have been born with sea legs. Instead, I’ll be armed with a handsome collection of Ativan, Dramamine, ginger snaps, (all-natural) ginger ale, wrist bands, and anything else that’ll keep my breakfast where it’s supposed to be.

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