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That “ew” could refer to many things from this week’s news: Lindsey Lohan’s recent arrest, that guy from Big Brother/Big Sister who molested his little brother, astronauts taking off while drunk, the South Korean shot by the Taliban, the Dow Jones tanking yesterday.

But for me, the bigger “ew” is this freaking humidity. It just makes me feel, well, “ew.” For only the second time this summer, I turned on the air-conditioning the last two nights. Granted, I’ve managed to be out of town during some of this summer’s hottests spells, but overall this summer seems be much less humid and hot than previous summers. I normally run my air-conditioner sporadically in May, but then all of June, July, and August. It’s highly unusual to not even start using it until the last week of July when summer is half over.

The worst part of this humidity is commuting. If I didn’t have to leave my home I’d be fine. And, despite my hatred of all things automobile, in whether like this, I would prefer to have access to a car right out side my door as opposed to having to walk many blocks to the nearest subway station. Or, if leaving from Randy’s place, walking uphill, barefoot, both ways, in the snow, (while miraculously still hot and humid) for at least 26 miles.

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  1. Comment by Will on July 27, 2007 10:06 pm

    Humidity is the main reason why summer is my least favorite season. I hate the stuff with a passion.

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