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Oh dear. Yesterday’s posting may have been a bit misleading. For the record, I have no intentions of packing up and moving back to San Francicso! I was just commenting that I allowed unrelated circumstances from my previous experiences there to cloud my judgement. Yes, I could see myself living there “someday”…but have no plans to do so!

Phew – don’t want to give my parents (or boss) a heart attack!

I’ve still not formatted/renamed the photos from Mendocino so they aren’t availalbe in my photo gallery just yet. However, the San Francisco pictures have been posted, if you care to take a look.

I’m rather looking forward to this upcoming weekend. For the first time in ages, it seems that Randy and/or I aren’t traveling or going someplace distanT (we do have a party in Pembroke, but that’s it). However, Randy is already planning our next weekend adventure…

…to…(gasp)…Roanoke. Yep, I’m heading south to meet the in-laws. Oy vey – going south in August…should be dreamy. Still, I’m looking forward to meeting Randy’s family and grilling them about his past. I”ll post all the dirt on here.


  1. Comment by Mark on July 25, 2007 10:33 am

    Hah, say hi to my old neck of the woods. I grew up just 35 minutes east of where you’ll be, poodle.

    And much about me will make sense after seeing it.

  2. Comment by Brad on July 25, 2007 4:28 pm

    … and as Randy and you already know, I grew up north of Roanoke (about a 3 hours drive). Have fun with all that inland humidity. It’s glorious this time of year. Not!

    And I’m also glad you’re not moving away. You’re too valuable to us who live her. 🙂

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