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There’s Got to Be a Morning After

And there was!

I had a great time yesterday. My work day was filled with phone calls, instant messages and emails wishing me a happy birthday. I had lunch at Finale with Ben and Brad before returning to work where the Human Resources department here threw me a little birthday party since I’m a department of one (they’ve adopted me as their own – such great neighbors).

Then, some co-workers (Peg, Adrienne, Sarah) popped by with some brownies and cheer.

Finally, I left work and met up with a sexy looking Mike at Francesca’s Cafe before joining the rest of the gang (a total of 7 people) for dinner at Metropolis Cafe. There was Marin, Jason, Fred, Sven and Art. The conversation was great and the laughter practically non-stop. I even had some wine. Yep – two glasses – a rarity for me.

After dinner and dessert (they did the obligatory…and embarrassing…act of having the waitress deliver my dessert with a candle while singing Happy Birthday), we all split off and I went back to Mike’s place.

Then this morning I found out that Taylor Hicks won American Idol! YAY! I hated that bitch, Kat McPhee. So this news was a great birthday gift for me!

Oh, and one last birthday related thing….my aunt and uncle from the Cape sent me a birthday card. Now, they’re very, very, very, very (have I mentioned very?) religious – Baptist. Obviously, I expected a wholesome card from them and I wasn’t disappointed. Though, I do have to wonder whether they still think I’m 13 years old. The card showed a cartoon dog pushing a shopping cart with various items spilling out of it. The “poem” read:

A nephew’s sort of like a son you don’t have to raise (I’m 35…how much raising is there?).

When he needs foods, clothes and books, it isn’t you who pays!

And you don’t have to get him up on time for big occasions,

Or strain your brain to help him solve his algebra equations (when did I last have algebra homework?)

Yes, a nephew’s sort of like a son, but with one major perk….

You get to have the pride and joy and love — without the work!

I shouldn’t be making fun of them because they’ve always been very sweet to me (mostly because they don’t know I’m gay). I suspect their sweetness would end once that little bit of news came out. But I simply couldn’t handle them “saving” me again (they did that a lot when I was in 6th grade because I apparently used the lord’s name in vain too much).

Fortunately, my relatives on my mother’s side already know I’m gay (and some even try to hook me up with guys). I think I have more in common with them.


  1. Comment by Will on May 25, 2006 10:34 am

    Karl, get used to it. Unless there’re extremely enlightened and considerate, relatives frequently treat you as some sort of very young adult until membership in AARP begins to be a possibility.

    My parents were both dead before this could become a problem, but my step-mother (who was also my aunt–and THERE lies a story) still called me Billy until after my daughters were out of college and never took any opinion of mine seriously until some other friend or relative had expressed a similar sentiment. I wasn’t considered competent to drive a car unadvised until the day she died. And as with your aunt and uncle, she never knew I’m gay. There were some cans of worms I decided it was far bewtter not to open.

    Welcome to the first day of your 36th year! May it be very happy.

  2. Comment by Brad on May 25, 2006 11:32 am

    I agree with Will . . . happy one day into 36! It sounds like it was a great day in the neighborhood! I just won’t tell you what will happen once you tell 37! 😉

  3. Comment by Veselka Slut on May 25, 2006 11:38 am

    Now that your birthday is over what are you going to blog about?

    Was the wine yummy?

  4. Comment by karyn on May 25, 2006 12:54 pm

    You , drinking. No wonder the laughter didn’t stop.

    Yeah, Taylor rocked it out and brought it down on Kat’s vacant head. Woo hoo! Soul Patrol sends the Kat Pack Packin’! Cured of McPheever! Woohoo!!!


    Now what?

  5. Comment by Sean on May 25, 2006 1:18 pm

    Karl- Happy belated Birthday! You’re just entering the prime of life. You never truly get old until you stop moving and growing. It sounds like your life is moving along at a great clip. Cheers, man!

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