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A Hair Better

For the first time in ages, my Monday morning blog entry isn’t about my “exciting” weekend activities. No distant getaways, no bars, no fancy dinners, no game nights. Just me, a box of Kleenex and Comcast. In fact, if it wasn’t for the TV, I would have had no idea that all of this flooding […]


Wednesday’s heading was “Cranky”….Friday’s is “Crankier”. I’m beginning to think what I’m fighting right now is a common head cold and not allergies. Not only do I have the runny nose, sore throat, head ache and sinus congestion, but my entire body aches from head to toe. I went to CVS Wednesday after work and picked up […]

I’m A’Leaving On a Jet Plane

Though, I do know when I’ll be back again…that would be July 3rd. Mike and I have finally purchased our plane tickets for Europe. We leave for Paris on the 17th of June. After a week or so in Paris, we’ll go to Oxford (Mike will likely leave a few days before me). Then I’ll […]


What a week – and it’s only Wednesday. First I had trouble sleeping at Mike’s Sunday night. It was rather warm in his place* so the body heat combined with some cold/allergy symptoms didn’t provide me with much sleep. Then Monday evening’s class was rather dull. I’d hoped Tuesday would go better, but class night […]


I think I can do it. A week from this evening, I will have taken my last class. Well, not for the rest of my life – but at least toward the program I’ve been studying (and will be graduating from in exactly one month). Going forward, I can take classes I actually enjoy….just for […]

I’m Beat.

Literally…Mike beat me at cards yesterday – but more on that later. I think I’m getting smart about how to spend my weekends. Lately, I’ve been staying in on Friday night and just resting. My Saturday’s tend to be busy so I think this day of rest is beneficial for me. Of course, I could […]

Agree to Disagree

Now, I must admit that I tend to agree with the political views of the Kennedy’s. For a man in his late 70’s, Ted is surprisingly open-minded with issues such as gay marriage (come to think of it, he’s into equality for everybody). However, despite his uber-liberal leanings, I have to say I’m disappointed in him […]

Oh, The Irony

I had originally planned to wear a long-sleeve pullover shirt today…but between last night and this morning the meteorologists changed their predictions: warmer temperatures are due. This morning I hastily switched my wardrobe options and am now wearing a light oxford over a “Nativity Prep” t-shirt I “borrowed” one night after crashing at Mike’s place. […]

Better Late Than Never

I went to the hospital this morning to visit my sister-in-law so I came in late to work. My brother came into Boston for an overnight stay with her in the hospital (my parents drove out to western Massachusetts to care for their kids) so I was able to see him for the first time […]

I Always Fall Within that Damn 10%

You may have realized by reading this blog that I am gay. Yep, gay. I guess this technically means I am a minority since less than 10% of the population is gay. Well, last night in class I was relegated to minority status once again. Before handing back our second graded papers, the professor said […]