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We’re In!!

After two months of anticipation and close to a month of near daily stress (dealing with real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc…) we’re finally settled into our new home.

And I gotta’ say, I love it! Despite having double the space, we’ve managed to fill it up nicely with only the need to purchase one additional item of furniture (some sort of table for the kitchen). What that says, to me, is that we must have been cramming way too much into our previous place.

It’s nice to be able to walk around the bed without fear of stubbing my toe. It’s nice to be able to use the bathroom without somebody else knocking on the door because they need to go. It’s nice not to hear neighbors above you walking around (since we have no upstairs neighbor now).

The place still isn’t 100% ready yet. So far we’ve managed to unpack completely and put up blinds. Tonight we’ll replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan and replace some towel racks. Then Randy’s father arrives on Thursday and will assist with painting. At that point, we should be done.

Oh, and the place is so quiet! I was afraid that being a townhouse would mean that we could hear our neighbors on either side (my parent’s place on the Cape is a similar style and you can hear neighbor’s climbing the stairs or watching TV). But we can’t hear a damn thing. In fact, on the first night we hadn’t unpacked my white noise machine yet and we both were laying there randomly chuckling because we found it too quiet.

Today was my first time commuting since the move and I clocked in at 20 minutes using my scooter. I managed to hit every major red light along Mass Ave, though (Arlington Center, Alewfie Brook Parkway, Porter Square, plus a few smaller ones). On a good day if I can miss even one of the big intersections, I suspect I can cut a few minutes off that time.

Oh, how could I post without at least one pessimistic topic? I was removing these horrible interior shudders the previous tenants had in the living room window when one of them fell off the wall and onto my toe. Now, 7 months ago while on vacation in Mexico, Randy’s Pepsi bottle fell onto my big toe nail and caused a bruise. It’s been there for seven months working its way up from the middle of the nail to the tip where I can finally cut it (probably) in the next week or so. Wouldn’t you know it, but this damn shudder fell on the exact same toe nail, but at the base. I’m probably going to have to go another year with a blackened toe nail…and I was so close to getting rid of the previous bruise!!!

Ok, ladies out there (or men who do drag or are metrosexual), do they sell nail polishes that are the color of nails? I don’t want transparent/glossy, but something that could possibly cover the bruise and make it not stand out like a sore thumb (or sore toe, for that matter).


  1. Comment by Fred on October 6, 2009 11:25 am

    CONGRATULATIONS!! So, when’s the party? (grin) – great that you guys are in and it’s so fabulous!!

    As to the toenail, just tell people you dropped a hammer on it while renovating your house – it’s butch-cred! Any form of nailpolish on men: ICK!!

    Cheers & congrats again to ye both!

  2. Comment by deano on October 7, 2009 6:07 am

    Well, guess Fred said it the best….Show it off as a badge of honor!!! And do something to get a few stitches and really show that you went into home improvement battle full force!!!

    Also, did we not talk about how to arrange the living room a few weeks back???

  3. Comment by mindy on October 7, 2009 9:26 am

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    (And they do sell nude-colored nailpolish.)

  4. Comment by randy on October 8, 2009 12:08 am

    oh lord no, no nail polish

  5. Comment by Will on October 8, 2009 9:17 pm

    Interior “shudders” is brilliant!

    if, as I assume, the picture at the top of the blog is your new living room, my enthusiastic compliments on the orange color in the accent wall.

  6. Comment by Karl on October 9, 2009 9:43 am

    Thanks, Will!

    No, that’s our game room. Well, that’s what we’re calling it anyway. It’s the top floor where there’s an office, this room, and a utility closet. It also leads to the roof deck. The previous owners used it as a guest room, but we already have a guest room on the third floor. What you don’t see on the opposite wall is a vintage pinball machine.

    As for the color, that was there before we moved in. It’s the only space in the entire house where the previous owners added a splash of color.

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