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Patience (or lack thereof)

I’ve always been impatient. I love planning things (moves, trips, etc…) but I hate once the planning is complete and all that’s left is the waiting.

And that’s pretty much been the boat Randy and I have been on for the past month or so. Complicating things is that I’m a bit rusty at moving.  Back in the day (my twenties) I would move once per year. There was one particularly hellish year when I moved four times as a result of a fire, a leak, and a landlord from hell.

But I became pretty darn skilled at moving as a result. I knew when to pack, what to pack, the best way to label things, and the most important thing for a frequent mover: HIRE MOVERS!

This time around, though, has been filled with complications that didn’t exist in moves past:

1 – the economy has tanked and banks are more strict. We had no trouble getting our approval, but it’s been a frustrating game of back-and-forth as they requested additional information (which, more often than not, they already had in their posession).

2 – the buyer of our current property has been having trouble getting a mortgage commitment from his bank. It was due two weeks ago and just came through last night…only hours before we had movers coming to pick up our stuff

3 – the current owners of the property we are buying have been renting the unit and the current tenants have been difficult to deal with in terms of getting into the property to take measurements. Toward the end, it took a full week to gain access (right as we approached the closing) so I began to question whether the tenants were actually planning on leaving or were going to squat and screw us over (because Massachusetts law stupidly protects the renter to extreme degrees).

There have been other little things, but it just seemed that all of the above issues should have been resolved early on, but weren’t resolved until hours or a day or two before moving (the scariest being whether the buyer of Randy’s place would actually be able to buy it after pulling the condo off the market for two months).

Long story short, I’m comfortable now. The mortgage commitment was made last night, we did a walk-thru of the new place last night and the tenants are gone, the movers picked up our belongings this morning, and we are tentatively scheduled to pass papers on both properties in the morning.

Tentatively…I suppose there’s still some uncertainty (whether the buyer’s bank can process all of the paperwork at the last minute since they delayed things so much all along).

Fortunately, Randy’s father is coming up next week to help paint and do other miscellaneous small projects. And then to reward ourselves for all the stress we’ve been through, Randy and I are going to Puerto Rico for a (very) long weekend after that.

What I wouldn’t give to smell sunblock and salty air right now.

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  1. Comment by Melody on October 2, 2009 2:42 pm

    Hope everything went well for you and Randy and you are now in the process of unpacking in your new place!

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