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Home, Sweet Home

It’s getting there!




Randy’s poor father arrived Thursday, not feeling very well (probably a combination of getting up too early, not eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and anxiety over flying) and after a brief nap, began helping us prep to paint out new place. Of the next five days he was put to work taping, spackling, sanding, painting, installing towel racks and light fixtures, vacuuming, and assembling furniture.

After the painting party on Saturday (thanks, again, to Chris, Zach, and Jeff for their amazing help) Randy, his father, and I, went to Newport, Rhode Island to tour a mansion. We met up with my parents at the Newport Grand Casino (since they knew where it was). I put 10 dollars into a slot machine and tripled my money with the first pull of the lever (well, push of the button). I was going to cash out but Randy said to keep going. In the end, Randy left down $8 and I left up $1. Not bad for 5-10 minutes of play.

The meeting of Randy’s Dad, with his strong southern accent, and my Mom, with her strong Boston accent, was quite interesting. They all liked each other, but I don’t think they understood but every third word spoken.

After lunch, we went to a few mansions, The Breakers and Chauteu-sur-Mer. I can’t even imagine having a painting party in either of those houses.

Despite six people helping paint for 9 hours on Saturday, we still never finished. On Monday, the three of us continued and finished the two bedrooms, but ran out of paint before we could finish the master bathroom and half bathroom. ugh.

But aside from those two small things, all that’s left to do is 1) touch up paint around some edges, install drapes, and hang the art.

Oh, and even though the place is still a work in progress, I’ve uploaded some photo from last night (remember, these are before the drapes and art are put up so it looks rather bare). You can find them on my FaceBook profile:

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  1. Comment by Randy on October 16, 2009 12:01 pm

    see no comments on our beautiful house.. you sent them to facebook and got the comments there!

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