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Home, Sweet Home…For Now

Randy left a week ago to visit his family in Tennessee. From there he incorporated a business trip into it and went to Dallas for a few days. So, after 7 nights of my living the single life he returns this afternoon.

But while he was away he dropped the bomb on me that he might be going to Asia in April or early May for another business trip.

It’s funny how his travel schedule seems to go from famine to feast. He’ll go 5-6 months without a business trip and will then be gone for nearly an entire month (as happened last November when we went to Asia for 12 days, came back for a few days then flew to Portland for business, then less than a week later flew to Virginia for Thanksgiving for nearly a week).

I guess something similar his happening now. Though, I am tempted to tag along on the Asia trip this time (whether he likes it or not). The only thing really stopping me, I suppose, is the class I’m taking (the final paper is due May 13th).

Or maybe I can claim it’s a field trip for the class and get an extension. I mean, it is an urban planning class after all and you can’t get much more urban than Tokyo.

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  1. Comment by Randy on March 31, 2010 4:24 pm

    You have a boring blog (HA). You never update.. BOO. NO wonder people dont comment 🙂

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