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Why today? The past two days have been reasonably nice considering it’s been so stormly over the past month. In fact, the next five days look gorgeous by New England standards for the month March.

Yet we’re not supposed to be flying out later this week. We’re flying out this afternoon…and it’s been snowing. And our first flight lands in Philadelphia before switching planes. And this storm is stronger to the south of us (as most have been this winter).

My fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate enough to at least let us catch our connecting flight (if that one is delayed it would suck but wouldn’t be the end of the world). But if our first flight is delayed and we miss our connection? oh oh

Otherwise, Randy and I are all packed and ready to go to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. WOO HOO! I’m packing a new beach umbrella that my friend, Pete, got me last year. It separates into small enough pieces that I can fit it it in my carry-on. However, the bottom portion of the stem of the umbrella is pointy so it can dig into the sand more easily. Hopefully the TSA doesn’t consider that a weapon. It’s only plastic, and it doesn’t even come to a sharp tip. You could probably do more damage with sharp fingernail, but I guess we’ll see.

Vamos a la playa!

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