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Naked Monday

I feel so waterlogged. My normally 25-35 minute commute tripled itself this morning to an hour and a half as a result of the rain. Because things were so damp, the windows of the bus were all fogged up so I couldn’t see why were in stopped traffic for most of the way. But last night while driving home from a play/dinner, we noticed that Alewife Brook Parkway (Route 16) was closed due to flooding. I’m guessing it was still closed this morning causing the chaos.

But the weekend was good otherwise. We had friends over for dinner and games on Friday night. On Saturday we did our weekly shopping for the first time in 3 weeks (as a result of our trip to Mexico). That night, we caught up on all of the shows that had recorded on our DVR.

On Sunday we checked out an open house at a unit across the courtyard from us in our complex. All of the units in our complex are roughly the same size and look identical from the outside. However,  small differences were incorporated as new buildings were phased in. Our building was the first building built and offers two rooms on the top floor and siding glass doors in the small breakfast nook off our kitchen that lead onto a small back yard.

The unit in the building we saw yesterday had a slightly larger breakfast nook, but with no yard. Their guest room was also much smaller than ours as a result of a bay we have that they don’t.  In addition,  their top floor had only one room. They lacked a back yard and had trees (from the bike path) that, come spring, will completely block out any natural light in the living room, master bedroom, or top floor room. But the worst feature of those units was that the garage was made thinner to allow for a wider foyer. Consequently, the car doors could barely be opened. I’m guessing those tenants must enter the garage by walking out the front door and back into the garage door.

Overall, I’m much happier with our unit. The owners set the price at about $4,000 than we paid for ours, however they are expected the buyer to take over payments on an assessment that went into place last year (our previous owner paid for it in full for us). So, although the unit is selling for only slightly more than us, the additional $20,000 makes the asking price more in the range of $24,000 more than we paid.

To be honest, I suspected that the huge assessment would scare buyers off. But our broker emailed us last night and said that the unit got 3 (THREE!) offers on the first day on the market. I had to admit I’m shocked. Not that our unit is the Taj Mahal of townhouses, but the inside of that unit wasn’t so great, either. Though nearly unimaginable, the carpeting they had was even worse than the stuff Randy and I despise in our place. The firt stairway carpet was like the industrial carpet you’d find on the floor of a CVS.

Anyway, I used to envy those units because they were set further back from the street. But I’m glad we’re in the building we’re in because of the sunlight, extra rooms, bigger garage, and even the back yard.

Oh, and last night we saw the latest Gold Dust Orphans play, “Phantom of the Oprah.” I don’t know how they did it, but this time they snagged Varle Jean Merman to star. Go Orphans!

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