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Bowling For Dollars

There is a new tenant in the unit above mine. I’ve not yet seen this person, but he/she moved in shortly after the first of September. The previous two tenants were mostly quiet. I never heard the most recent one. And the fellow before her was completely silent except for every few months when he would apparently take care of a little child for the weekend. And said child would run up and down the hall from the living room to the bedroom….for hours.

The latest tenant appears to have built a bowling alley up there. And prefers to bowl at midnight. I swear! From the minute he/she (let’s call it Pat, shall we?) comes home, Pat thuds back and forth non-stop. I suspect Pat might have some sort of OCD or Tourette’s condition that requires him/her to make violent banging noises on the floor. Constantly. It’s the only reasonable excuse I can think of.

In other news, my Liberalism, Religion and Democracy was interesting last night. It looks like the debate should be pretty good. Most students are taking it on-line, but there were about 20 or so students in the classroom and the group was rather diverse (making me suspect there should be sufficient differences of opinion). Based on the title, and it being liberal Harvard and all, I was expecting an uber-liberal, atheist professor. When in fact, it’s a youthful looking middle-aged Jewish woman who said she wouldn’t respond to emails on Friday nights through Saturdays because of religious observances. She even sends her five children to religious schools that require her to commute great lengths to teach…but it’s very important for her kids to be taught in a specific religious environment.

She mentioned in the class that if she didn’t manage to offend all of us by the end of the first class, it would happen by the second class. This should be fun!

And speaking of democracy and such, I voted this morning at my little North End voting place (the Knights of Columbus). The place was dead – so get out there and vote everybody!




  1. Comment by Mark on September 19, 2006 10:27 am

    There seemed to a be a slow trickle at the Cambridge voting station at which I voted. So, there is some hope for Mass democracy.

  2. Comment by Will on September 19, 2006 11:37 am

    At the grammar school where I vote in Roslindale there was a steady trickle of us–one guy coming out as I entered, a couple entering as I left. I wasn’t there at the opening of the polls, but the normal pattern in my area is that there’a a good crowd between seven and eight as a lot of people vote on the way to work.

    The latest scuffle between Healey and Gabrieli is a delightful farce–don’t you love it when multi-millionaires accuse each other of being rich?

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