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I Now Know What Love Is

Love is a 4 story townhouse with 2 car garage, 2.5 bathrooms, 3+ bedrooms, gas fireplace, central air, private deck off living room, private deck on roof, mini garden in back, modern kitchen, and abutting the Minuteman Bike Trail and just blocks from Arlington Center.

Randy and I returned last night from a great trip to the White Mountains with our friends, Ben and Brad. The weather was crappy as we drove through the picture-perfect (in clear weather) Franconia Notch. But it cleared up for a gorgeous Saturday filled with Farmer’s Market, driving up Mount Washington, and taking photos of ever river, brook, hill, and tree. That night, we played card games and watched a DVD (most of one, before everybody got too tired). On Sunday we slept late, had a filling breakfast, returned to the house and played more games.

Then we drove home as it began to downpour. By the time we got to the picture-perfect Franconia Notch the weather was even worse than it was Friday…couldn’t see a damn thing.

Oh, and as we approached Concord we were stuck in stop and go traffic. At one point, I stopped, but the person behind me decided to go…and go she did – straight into our bumper.

ugh. Not a good way to end a great weekend.

But the townhouse this morning MORE than made up for it. We finally found a place that we BOTH agreed we’d be willing to make an offer on. That’s a first!

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  1. Comment by Melody on August 4, 2009 10:37 am

    So, did you two put in a bid yet? I need more info on the place. 🙂

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