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I Love Satan!

Truth be told, I don’t love Satan. As an atheist, I don’t believe in a Satan or a God. But I did win tickets to see a play called “Say You Love Satan” at the Boston Center for the Arts. So, since the title told me to say it, I said it. Here’s the link, if you’re […]

Better Late Than Never….

Our blog system was down this morning so I am just now able to update it. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten everything I was going to write about this morning. Seeing as it’s been a rather uneventful day, I guess there wasn’t much to share. Oh, but our friend, Chris, is coming up for a visit tomorrow and […]

What Makes News News?

I was browsing the Boston Globe on-line this morning and found the following headlines: “Nearly 100 pigs run riot on highway“, “‘Boots’ takes gold at the Ferret Olympics“, “Kids plus rocks equals 120,000 angry bees“. In disgust, I had to check out other newspapers to see if their headlines were just as bad: New York […]


I think our computer is about to bite the dust. It’s rather frustrating since the computer is not even 18 months old. Last night I tried logging on three times and it took 15+ minutes each time just to get the desktop to appear. Then none of the programs would open. I couldn’t check email […]

A Quick Visit from Chuck

So, Charley visited with us for a few hours yesterday. We heard from some friends that he was a terrible guest when he stayed with them in Florida and South Carolina, but he was on pretty good behavior when he hung out with us on Sunday. He was a bit of downer and cried the […]

Urban Lessons, Part II

A few weeks ago I ranted about subway etiquette. Today, I’m going to rant about another urban issue: cab drivers. Since Matt and I don’t own a car, I had the vetinerinarian’s office call a taxi for me to bring us from Mass. Ave in Cambridge to our condo in Boston. They told us it […]

A Waste of Time

When Matt and I bought our second condo back in January of this year, we also purchased new furniture to fill it up (a 32 foot long living room area looks empty with only a sofa and a floor lamp). One of the pieces we purchased was an armoire for our computer. It was the same […]

Gaining…and Losing…Momentum

I went to dinner with my brother, his wife and my niece last night. Like the night before, I met them at their hotel and then we walked across the street for dinner (this time Bennigan’s since we needed a family friendly place close to the hotel that can also accomodate my niece’s wheel chair…and […]

Dinner With Loved Ones

My brother, his wife, and their youngest daughter are in Boston for a few days so we went out to dinner last night. It’s a rare thing for them to visit me in the city since they’re not big fans of the hustle and bustle of city life (considering Boston a hustle and bustle city […]

Dog Days of Summer

No, yesterday wasn’t hazy, hot and humid (one of the typical dog days of summer). In fact, the weather was beautiful – in the 70’s, slight breeze, mix of sun and fluffy clouds. Yesterday was a dog day of summer because of Dusty….the Shih Tzu. She seemed a bit lethargic yesterday morning and only wanted […]