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Four Your Information

Thanks to Karyn, here are some 4’s:

Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life:

  • Paper Boy – Cape Cod Times
  • Dog Walker – some rich guy in Osterville
  • Store Designer – Stride Rite
  • Administrative Director – Harvard Law School

For Movies I Would Watch Over and Over

  • Beautiful Thing – so sweet
  • Annie Hall – so funny
  • Pillow Talk – so naughty
  • Hedwig & The Angry Inch – great music, great visuals

Four Places I have Lived in My life

  • Osterville, MA (childhood)
  • Boston, MA (most of the past, gasp, 17 years)
  • San Francisco, CA (6 months in 1997)
  • Salem, MA (2001-2003)

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

  • Strangers With Candy – yeah, yeah, it’s off the air…but it shouldn’t be
  • Big Brother – I’ve been addicted to every season
  • My Name is Earl – I’ve talked about this one before
  • The Daily Show – I can never stay awake to see it at 11PM…I wish it would repeat at 7PM again (instead of 8PM)

Four Places I have Been on Vacation

(This is tough. I’ve been to more than 4 places this past year alone: Washington, DC, Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York City, Provincetown, White Mountains. But I guess the most memorable trips of my life include:

  • Paris – so beautiful, I’m ready to go back
  • New Mexico  – Santa Fe and Taos are simply amazing
  • New York City – everything you hear about that city is true
  • Provincetown – so close to home (and very close to my childhood home) but I never tire of the place

Four Websites I Visit Daily (…and trying to keep this list clean)

  • Boston Globe Online
  • My blog
  • Architectural Boston
  • Yahoo

Four of My Favorite Foods

  • Fruit (bananas, strawberries, blackberries, grapes)
  • Belgian dark chocolate (Trader Joe’s has this great 1-pound bars for only $3.99!)
  • Brownies
  • Chicken (I seem to eat it way too much)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

  • Paris – Paris plage is taking place right now!
  • Switzerland – I’ve been craving a trip there for years
  • Lounging about in a condo I actually owned (verus an apartment I rent)
  • Worry-free (but I doubt I’ll ever make it there)


  1. Comment by Lise on August 24, 2006 10:12 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Hedwig!!!! I listened to the songs over & over. He’s freakin’ amazing and so touching. Oh, and another fruit-lover (no pun intended) – people seem to think I’m weird because I live on fresh fruit & veggies. Well, let their arteries clog then, we’ll be healthy at 80.

  2. Comment by snarl on August 24, 2006 2:08 pm

    “Long story short: When I woke up from the operation I was bleeding down there. I was bleeding from the gash between my legs. My first day as a woman and already it’s that time of the month. But two days later the hole closed up. The wound healed and and I was left with a one inch mound of flesh – where my penis used to be, where my vagina never was, it was a one inch mound of flesh. With a scar running down it like a sideways grimace on an eyeless face. Just a little bulge, it was an angry inch”

    Ah – I love that musical.

  3. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on August 24, 2006 2:16 pm

    I had an Angry Itch once, but the penicillin cleared it right up. ;-P

  4. Comment by snarl on August 24, 2006 2:17 pm

    TMI -Dave.

    Makes me question who you hang around with.


  5. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on August 24, 2006 2:20 pm

    That was a sideways way of telling you to fix your typo, MISSSSAY. *smooches*

  6. Comment by snarl on August 24, 2006 2:21 pm

    Oh honey -you know I’ve never been good with subtlety!

  7. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on August 24, 2006 2:55 pm

    True dat. ;-P

  8. Comment by karyn on August 24, 2006 8:44 pm

    What? No “Brocolli”?

    And you told me you HAD no “TMI” threshold!

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