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What is Cute?

Cute is a tiny elderly lady wearing a babushka on the bus this morning with a huge heart-shaped Valentine’s day pin on her jacket that says “Hot Stuff!”

She made me smile.

I had a pretty darn good weekend. The friends who were staying with us for the weekend arrived later than expected on Saturday night and we ended up  chatting/drinking wine until 3:00AM. I don’t think I’ve done that in years.

The next day we slept later than expected then hosted the 7th Annual Re-Gift party. Despite the overall calibre of the gifts being better than in years past, I still ended up with Christmas-themed novelty boxer shorts with the image of a package on them labeled “Handle with Care.” Oh, and a riding crop. Yes, a riding crop. But this was not your ordinary riding crop. This one had a heart shaped indention on the paddle portion so that you can leave a romantic heart shaped imprint on the person you love (or love to hurt).

Lucky me.

Anyway, by Sunday we were both exhausted and did absolutely nothing. But then, isn’t that was Sunday’s are for?

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