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Achy Breaky House

A few weekends ago I was cleaning the master bathroom a bit too vigorously and I managed to dislodge the faucet to one of the sinks (there are two). As it dangled, I noticed that the pieces that held the faucet together were rusted through. In that case, I can’t really be blamed for breaking something that was faulty to begin with and bound to need replacement anyway.

Unfortunately, with two side-by-side sinks in that bathroom, repairing meant replacing both sets of faucents (the existing model is no longer available and it would be tacky to have unmatching sinks).

So, off to Lowe’s we went (our home away from home, it feels) and purchased two new faucets. I’ll admit, Randy did about 95% of the work replacing the first faucet. I took everything out of the box and prepped them, I handed him tools when necessary, I held things in place on the counter while he secured them from underneath. But I did help, just not so much with the actual labor.

Because the old hardware was so rusted and nasty, replacement took around two and a half hours. Exhausted, we gave up and decided to work on the second faucet on Sunday.

And that’s where I more than helped. Well, not really. I still just helped, I just did more of it. Randy had me underneath the counter this time, removing the old hardware. What an unnatural position this puts you in. You don’t normally work on things while on your back, reaching upward, in a narrow space with no lights.

But we finished both faucets and the bathroom looks great.

Now we’re both feeling it in our backs and necks. I should also mention that we acquired an eliptical machine from one of Randy’s co-workers and we picked it up on Sunday. The thing weighs a few hundred pounds and doesn’t come apart (it’s nearly my height).  With our friend, Jeff’s, help we brought it into the house. Of course, this wasn’t something we could use in the foyer so it had to go in the office…which is on the fourth floor. UGH.

Needless to say, there was no need to start working out on the machine on Sunday since carrying it up all those stairs was exercise enough.

However, I did try it out last night. OUCH! Even with the resistence at the lowest level, this machine was much harder to use than the ones at the gym (where I set it at “difficult’). So now I’ve brought the pain in my arms and neck down to my legs, too.

‘Cuz nothing makes your body feel better than making it feel bad.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on February 9, 2010 7:57 pm

    Hey why no Plumber’s butt pictures?

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