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Poor Randy. It’s bad enough that he’s had a busy week at work. It’s bad enough that he was kept busy last weekend helping my mom with her new laptop. It’s bad enough that our upcoming weekend will include cleaning the house (out, damn dust bunnies, out!).

But last night he was heading downstairs after dropping stuff off in his office on the top floor when he slipped on the stairs and fell. I suppose it’s fortunate that our stairs are C-shaped (with two landings) so that his fall was blocked by a wall just 3 steps away. But he landed so hard I heard and felt the thud from two floors down. I ran up to see if he was ok and he was still lying on the stairs, feet against the wall of the landing in front of him. In fact, his feet hit the wall so hard that the drywall pushed in slightly and caused the nail to push out a bit (creating a bump in the paint).

But that’s the least of my/our worries. After a few moments he finally got up and I lifted his shirt to look at a look at his back. His fall landed him right on the edge of one of the¬†carpeted steps causing an enormous rug burn that ripped up the flesh. It’s probably 8 inches long and 3 or 4 inches (it varies) in depth. Within minutes it began swelling.

This morning he woke up to an unpleasant shower (ouch), skin stinging, and a sore back underneath. Although the surface wound is scariest to look at, I’m most concerned with his actual back from landing so hard on it.

So far, he’s not in any extruciating pain. Knock on wood, that will remain the case.

Poor guy. And we’re off to Mexico in less than a week. Hopefully it will be healed by then so it won’t be so noticeable when he takes his shirt off at the beach.

I guess it’s also a¬†good thing we never replaced the carpet with hardwood floors. I can’t imagine how hard that landing would have been.



  1. Comment by Jeffrey on February 25, 2010 5:30 pm

    You know, those stairs completely removed, would make a perfect elevator shaft.

  2. Comment by Will on March 1, 2010 9:31 am

    Please give him m best and hopes it heals up quickly.

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