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G*d D*mn Mother-F*ck*ing Cheap-As$ SH*t-eating B*stards

That would be American Airlines I’m refering to.

Last week Randy and I figured out the days of our vacation. We sent in requests to our bosses for the time off and my boss (who is great) responded immediately and with encouraging words about world travel. Randy’s boss went on vacation and never responded.

So we both put tickets on hold via American Airlines. I was very excited that, with taxes, the ticket was only $657 (last year it was around $1,100 for the same destinations). Anyway, when you put tickets on hold they only do it for a few days so over the past week (as the existing “on hold” tickets expired) we’d place new ones on hold until we finally got approval from his boss.

Last night at 11PM was when our most recent “on hold” tickets were set to expire. At 10:50PM we logged on to find that the ticket price had jumped from $657 to $803….for the same freaking flight and seat! Realizing that we only had 9 minutes at this point to buy our tickets, Randy canceled his ticket on hold and we both started seaching to see if any other flights were cheaper (perhaps an inconvenient connecting flight through New York City, etc…).

As we quickly approached 11PM, Randy did a search again for his previous ticket and the price jumped yet again from $803 to $977. Within minutes! WTF?

Fearing that mine would jump, too, I went in and bought the ticket online for $803. That was $146 more than I’d have paid had we bought the day before, but still $174 less than what the new price was coming up as. I must admit I was freaking out as this was all happening within such a short period of time.

Anyway, Randy called American Airlines and said he wanted the same ticket he’d had on hold but “accidentally” canceled. The guy originally offered him the $803 fare…then finally gave him the $657 fare since he’s a Premium Platinum Frequent Flyer (and I agree that people who fly hundreds of thousands of miles per year do deserve some perks for giving the airline so much business). Randy then said that he and I were traveling together and that I’d bought my ticket while he was on the phone with them…but at the higher price. He asked if they’d be able to match Randy’s price (it’s the same freaking ticket, for crissakes) and they said no. So we bought tickets minutes apart and we’re sitting next to each together in identical seats…but my seat is $149 more. My seat sure as hell better have $149 more worth amenities than his seat does. I already claim the blanket and extra pillow!

Long story short, my cheap ass is annoyed as hell. Actually, I’m much better now than I was last night (it took forever to relax and fall asleep). Poor Randy witnessed the brunt of it and still took it well (bless his heart). He’s a keeper.

OK – happy thoughts. Here are more scanned photos of my youth.

1984 – Ah yes. With thoughts of Mary Lou Retton and fantasies about Mitch Gaylord, I proudly wear my Olympics t-shirt.

840524 Karl 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1985 – The lovely Osterville Baptist Church (my grandfather helped build it and it used to have a “Coleman Room”…I’m not sure if it’s still called that since our family hasn’t been part of the church in a generation or two).

850000 Osterville Baptist Church.JPG

1985 – I took the day off from work to watch Live Aid on MTV all day. Apparently, I needed some distractions.850700 Live AID day Karl 109 West Bay Rd Osterville 01.JPG

1992 – As a long-haired slacker I knew that I would someday be dwarfed by corporate America.

920611 Karl Merchandise Mart Chicago.JPG

1993 – Exiting the bathroom, appaerntly surrounded by papparazzi. They just never leave me alone.

931018 Karl 150 Huntington Ave NE2 Boston.JPG


  1. Comment by J.P. on March 19, 2007 10:38 am

    I think the price of gas here in Upstate New York is going up as quickly as the price of your airline tickets. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

    Love the snapshots – especially the last one. 🙂

  2. Comment by Will on March 19, 2007 11:24 am

    But your seat DOES have special amenities that are extremely valuable–it has Randy in the next seat! 🙂

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist and didn’t try.

  3. Comment by Lise on March 19, 2007 11:36 am

    And the question is answered – white boxer briefs. Love, love, love the feathered hair (Live Aid pic) – seriously. You can see what decade I grew up in…..I understand the whole airline nightmare/fix is frustrating, but in the scheme of things, it’s no big deal. Try not to get so wound up about those things

  4. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on March 19, 2007 1:18 pm

    Interesting how NeoCon now means something totally different, eh? AND, you were in Chicago and didn’t look me up? I’m hurt. (Ok, so I wasn’t here in 1992, but just thought I’d toss a little poo in your direction…)

    Love the last photo!! Sexy Rexy. Woofies.

  5. Comment by Chris on March 20, 2007 8:34 am

    You’re still paying way less than last year, so look at it in that positive light.

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