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It’s the Little Things

Perhaps it’s because of my cranky mood after purchasing my plane ticket, but I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment today after doing the silliest little things yesterday.

First, I’m quite content with the progress I’m making on my photo scanning project. I think I may be approaching the half-way mark based on the stacks of “scanned” and “to be scanned” photos on my living room floor. I also may have finished my taxes last night – though it displeases me to realize that it now looks as if I’ll be OWING both for federal and state. I also balanced my checkbook – after searching relentless for a missing $91 that ended up being the result of inverting two digits in my ending balance for the month. D’oh.

So I guess life is good. And speaking of good, I shall bore you with some more photos of the good ole’ days.

1988 – Me and my first car…a Pontiac Sunbird. Look how proud (and fashionable) I am! Please note that I am wearing TWO Swatches – one on each arm.

880000 Karl and car 21 Oak Lane Osterville 01.JPG

1988 – With my brother as he prepared to go to a prom. I sure had hair, didn’t I?

880607 Paul heading to friends prom with me.JPG

1988 – Honestly, this night was one of the happiest of my life. I had such a crush on Gillian (one of those Europeans who comes to Cape Cod each summer on a work visa). She returned to Glasgow a few weeks after this photo was taken. Yes, you can now start humming the song “We Wear Short-Shorts.”

880807 Gillian and Karl Pirates Cove 01.JPG

1993 – I’ve always been rather fond of this post-shower photo for some reason (despite the horrible glasses)

930921 Karl 150 Huntington Ave NE2 Boston .JPG

1993 – Graduating from college

930912 Colemans Wentworth.JPG

1994 – Gillian returns! She visited again six years later. My family loved her – as you can tell since they forced her onto a slide with us (she’s in the middle…below me in the brown shirt).

940828 Gillian visit 109 West Bay Road Osterville 03.JPG

1971 – Oh, and what the hell, here’s a baby picture to increase the “awwwwwwww” factor.

711100 Karl.JPG



  1. Comment by Lise on March 20, 2007 10:38 am

    It’s the little accomplishments that keep us sane! So go ahead an revel in that. Boy, your hair had VOLUME. Did you blow dry it up, head titled to gain maximum volume? Did you use Vidal Sasson products? The swatches are one thing but what the hell is going on w/ those shorts – the asymetrical granny trim? I like that b&w photo also. Awww, liddle Karl. Do you know there are only 2, yes 2, baby pics of me? That’s what happens when you’re number 6 after a loooong break. My elder sisters have book after book of pics of them!

  2. Comment by karyn on March 20, 2007 10:48 am

    I remember that car well! Many, many rides were had! And Swatches; ah yes. I only had one, but then, I was from the OTHER side of town… And too well I remember the Immovable Helmet of Hair. That was some impressive follicular structure there, lovey. THE PLAYGROUND! OMG – too funny – whole stream of memories flooding my brain! Yikes! I love the pic of your dad on the slide… he’s so damn cute. LOL.

    My, my. What a lovely photo of you and the hairy, snarling, open mouthed sharp toothed brute there.

    Hm. Yes.

  3. Comment by Ellen on March 20, 2007 11:26 am

    Wow, doing my taxes and balancing the checkbook are considered BIG accomplishments in my book….along with scanning and organizing a lifetime of photos…that’s why I haven’t done any of them!

  4. Comment by The Persian on March 20, 2007 1:21 pm

    You were (and still are) so adorable!!

    You had fierce 80’s hair too 🙂

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