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Will You Be My Friend?

Unbeknownst to me, I’d apparently signed up on when the site first started (how soon we forget). I’ve obviously never gone back since I had no clue I’d even signed up in the first place – but I received an invitation from a fellow yesterday requesting that I add him as a friend. His name didn’t look familiar at all, though.

I logged in to the site and saw his complete profile (and 12 photos)…and I still don’t know him. Even worse, the website indicated that 4 other people (male and female) want to add me as friends.

I don’t know them, either.

How does that site work? I thought it was like an on-line high school/college yearbook where you can track down people you went to school with? I never went to any of the colleges these people listed except for one guy from Harvard (who, as I said, I didn’t even know).

Porn sites are much better…at least you know what you’re getting.

…and speaking of porn*, that’s my theme for today’s photos! Lots and lots of flesh. ENJOY!
1972 – Yeah, yeah, yeah – this one’s a repeat. But believe it or not, I have none of those photos of me naked that most people have (those moments were, unfortunately, caught on Super 8 home-movies instead).

720700 Paul and Karl 109 West Bay Rd Osterville1.JPG

1985 – We wear short shorts (I’m in white…because I’m so pure)

850704 Karl Paul Tracie Chrissy Naples ME.JPG

1986 – OK, so no real flesh here…but doesn’t it look like that guy is grabbing my ass?

860406 Karl Gunstock Mountain NH Easter 03.JPG

1987 – Can you tell that I was typically too chicken to take off my shirt for most of this trip?

870200 Maria Karl Chrissy Margate FL 02.JPG

1995 – In looking through my photos, I’ve discovered that Matt took photos of me lounging in my underwear…a lot. This is just one of way too many examples.

951200 Karl 59 Westland Ave Boston 04.JPG

1998 – In front of bar an Asian stripper bar in San Francisco.

980801 Alan Kropp Karl Polk Street SF CA 01.JPG

2001 – OK, this isn’t really porn..but it’s kinda’ like bondage, no?

011118 Karl Witch Dungeon Salem MA 02.jpg

2001 – My, what big ear phones you have.

010714 Karl Herring Cove Provincetown MA 01.jpg

2002 – Pornographic birthday cake

(Photo removed at paranoid person’s request (it showed three friends leaning in and smiling over a birthcday cake with penis shaped icing).


*By having the word “porn” in my blog today, this is probably going to get the most hits my blog has ever received. Those folks are going to be sorely disappointed.



  1. Comment by Will on March 27, 2007 2:34 pm

    Are those BANGS as part of your hair cut in the white shorts photo?

    Who’s the cute guy in black with the glasses in the last photo?

  2. Comment by The DunkMeister on April 14, 2007 5:21 pm

    Hey thanks, Karl. It actually is a funny picture and I got a laugh… but it shows up as the 6th item when someone does a Google search on my name (and for better or worse, potential clients will look me up on Google when they are evaluating a bid I submit). Me looking like I’m considering performing fellatio on a cake phallus is not going to help my odds in landing a project unless I’m applying to be a porn content provider. Things arent quite so desperate yet.

    Oh and tell Will the “cute guy in the black with the glasses” says “hi” 🙂

    Yours in Paranoia,

  3. Comment by Peter HART on April 16, 2007 8:44 am

    You twat! I only asked you to remove the last names – not remove the picture. Do I see the name Coleman anywhere on your blog? I didn’t think so!

  4. Comment by snarl on April 16, 2007 9:29 am

    I’m a twat now? OUCH!

    I suppose the photo could be incriminating. Can I post the one of you in drag, P (as a belly dancer) or as hostess-with-the-mostess cooking at a barbecue and lifting your leg ever so daintily (D)? he he

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