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Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough…

…shopping, that is.

Well, I headed down to the Cape on Friday night, as planned. But when I got there my parents said they decided against going to Newport, Rhode Island, because they anticipated snow on Saturday. Instead, I told them I needed a pair of jeans and that I wanted to go to “the mall”.

Now, this is the same Cape Cod Mall I worked in for 6 years thoughout high school and my first two summers of college (before permanently moving to Boston). Since then, some horrible renovations have taken place that have turned the place into AnyMall, USA. The same floors, the same white walls, the same stores. Gone is the central foodcourt, gone is the red ceramic tile flooring (an 80’s remodel that covered exposed concrete floors), gone is the Wursthaus restaurant, gone is the Frontier Fruit and Nut kiosk. In all of their places are more chain stores and an obnoxious abundance of kiosks selling cell phones. I swear there are more kiosks taking up valuable walking space than there were in the 80’s.

Anyway, there is not a single entity within this mall that resembles the mall of my youth except for the ugly brick wall in front of the Filene’s store. Yet that is closing any day now and will likely disappear.

On the plus side, it provided me with some amazing bargains. Between Macy’s and Filene’s, I ended up going home with:

  • one pair of dress pants
  • one pair of Levi’s 501’s
  • one pair of Levi’s cords
  • two silk ties
  • one dress shirt (fitted..hopefully I won’t run into my normal sizing problem)
  • one casual button-down shirt
  • 6 pairs of Calvin Klein underwear
  • a leather “racing style” jacket (’s nearly identical to the one I wanted at Zara in Soho last year!!!!!!)

All of those things combined cost me less than $175.00! Of course, the only items I actually “needed” on that last were the 6 pairs of underwear (so that I can go three weeks without doing laundry). But I’m happy with ther rest of my purchases, too.

I also played 4 rounds of Rummy with my parents. We each won one game…and then we had the final game Saturday night and my Dad won his second game. I suppose it’s fair – it was his birthday, after all.

On Sunday, I returned to Boston and did homework until about 5PM when Mike picked me up and we went to dinner in Davis Square* at this placed called Joshua Tree. It kinda’ sucked…but at least the company was good.

Now it’s Monday and I have a paper due this evening for one of my classes. I guess the high from shopping has officially gone away and I’m back in reality.


*I love that the Boston area is chock-full of these “squares”…yet the only one I can think of that even remotely resembles a square in shape is Copley Square (which originally wasn’t square in shape until the current park eliminated a bisecting Huntington Avenue from meeting Boylston Street at Trinity Church). Most of the other squares are triangular, circular, pentagonal…any shape but square. Come to think of it, Copley is actually rectangular.




  1. Comment by David on February 27, 2006 11:54 am

    My god Karl,
    I take a week off, and all hell breaks loose.
    You are having Babylon type sex at the Ramrod,
    Taking new pics, and getting to all sorts of trouble.
    You used to be such a nice boy…..:)

  2. Comment by chrispy on February 27, 2006 12:11 pm

    youll have to send pix for me to judge. i trust everything fits well yes? no “ass on the floor” dress pants, i hope! the vague “one casual button down shirt” has me a bit worried (sarcastic). LOLOLOLOLOL and yet ANOTHER leather jacket?

  3. Comment by Will on February 27, 2006 12:34 pm

    You forgot one shape–oval. Rutland and Worcester Squares down in the South End are both oval and lovely, graceful combinations of park in the middle and brick bowfront townhouses all around.

    Actually, I think several Squares in the Boston area are simply big, unruly intersections of five or six streets like Union Square in Somerville.

  4. Comment by Ed on February 27, 2006 5:04 pm

    Eeeew you ate at the Joshua Tree. The food there is really not good. Heck even the drinks aren’t that good. Next time when you’re in Davis Square try one of these Redbones, Gargoyle’s, or the Rosebud Diner. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

  5. Comment by Karl on February 27, 2006 10:07 pm

    Oh, Ed! I meant to go to Gargoyle’s…but couldn’t remember the name! LOL

    And I have a long history with Redbones. Mike wasn’t up for the diner so we didn’t eat there. Too many choices!

  6. Comment by karyn on February 27, 2006 11:46 pm

    Snarl, remember the old Crabtree & Evelyn? With its double doors!? Ha! You are right, the CCM has lost its identity; very sad. It is McMall and I LOATHE , DETEST and otherwise DESPISE the kiosks! Especially with the salespeople who are one chromosome ahead of circus barkers. “MA’AM! CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION!?” “MA’AM! I HAVE TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!” Sod off, mate, I haven’t time for you and your crap. When I worked a kiosk there, it was respectable , damn it – you sat on your fooking stool and waited for custommers to approach you, like civilized people… Well anyway. At least you got some deals. Mwah.

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