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Ice, Ice, Baby!

I got home from class last night and my apartment was freezing. Checking the little thermometer I have in my bedroom I was startled to discover that the temperature inside my little home was 47.2 degrees.

47.2 degrees!

Needless to say, I turned the heat on. In my defense, I really hadn’t been home since last Thursday (went to the Cape for the weekend, was with Mike Sunday and then work and class all day Monday). But I think that anything below 50 degrees might be a bit much – unless I open an ice skating rink in my living room.

I submitted my first paper for my “Managing Organizational Change” class last night. As is the case with most business classes at Harvard, they use the case study model where you read a story of an actual (but occasionally fabricated) business and then discuss what could have been done differently to prevent the problems the company faced. Our assignment was to write about what this new manager at a company should do to resolve the issues facing his organization. So, I submitted the 8 page paper last night and then the professor had all of the students discuss what we thought the problems were.

Oh-oh. The professor prefaced the talk by saying that students alway start freaking out once the class room discussion takes place because they realize they missed certain things and fear they wrote a poor paper. So, it should have come as no suprise that people were bringing up things that I had never considered and I subsequently felt like a failure.

Fortunately, at the end of class the professor distributed a second part of the case which showed what the manager actually did. Quite a few of my ideas were in there so I didn’t feel so bad…until the professor said that he personally felt the manager didn’t demonstrate good leadership skills. Oi.

I give up. At the end of the two hour roller-coaster of emotions that was my Monday night class, I came home to my residential refrigerator and ate too much food, surfed the net for porn and went to sleep.

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  1. Comment by Mark on February 28, 2006 4:31 pm

    Sigh, I fight that urge whenever I go to class to just quit and go home for nice mind-numbing talky box time. Why are we doing this to ourselves again???

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