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Calm After the Storm

Last night was our first night back to normal after what seems like a week of entertaining. My parents left yesterday while Randy and I were at work. So I got home last night to no dog, not parents. Just a quiet house screaming “enjoy me.”

And I really did just that. I bailed out of going to the gym (so did Randy). I played on the computer, I caught up on my stories on the DVR (Will & Grace, Big Brother, Match Game). I even sketched a bit (floor plan for a condo that Randy and I owned in a dream the other night).

Though, to be honest, my parents aren’t even a storm to deal with. They’re fairly low-key – just as happy to sit on the sofa watching TV as they would be going on. However, they only like certain TV shows (none that I like), they only eat certain things (no Italian, chinese, thai, spicey, pasta, rice, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower).

To be honest, I think that makes it harder for me than for them. They’re perfectly content to eat around the food items they don’t like. The Martha Stewart in me just feels horrible that I can’t find a way to accomodate them. I’m that way with all houseguests, though. I want to woo them. I want to show them a good time. Yet more times than not, they’re perfectly happy just hanging out and catching up.

Long story short, I may houseguests more exhausting for me than it needs to be. I could learn a lot from Randy.

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  1. Comment by jeff on March 28, 2008 5:04 pm

    You should post that sketch of your “dream” condo. I’d love to see it.

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