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Good Food, Bad Food Removal

We got together with our friends, Chris and Pete, last night for dinner. It’s Restaurant Week in the Boston area so participating restaurants provide a fixed menu consisting of appetizer, entree, and dessert. Pete selected Gargoyle’s in Davis Square. There’s definitely more to this place than you’d expect from the front facing the street. I […]

Say Cheese!

I went to the dentist this morning for my semi-annual cleaning. Typically, I don’t mind going to the dentist. But this was the visit where they do the x-rays. Not just the ones they do once per year, these were the full mouth xrays that get done only once every 5-years. I was sure that […]

Whatchoo’ Talkin’ ‘Bout, Fool?

Jason and Bryan came over last night for dinner and games. I even cooked dinner for them. ME! And we all survived! Granted it was just a simple chicken parmesan dish with a salad….(and the sauce came from a jar). But cut me some slack – this is a leaps and bounds ahead of that […]

Who Needs the Gym?

I’m still feeling the pain from using the Wii Friday night. We had some friends over for dinner and games. The last few hours were spent playing Rayman’s Ravin’ Rabbids (a great party game). Anyway, you really do get involved in some major exercise with some of those challenges. Consequently, I never went to the […]

Reunited (and it Feels so Good)

Despite a two hour delay, Randy made it home safely last night. Because of the delay, I was able to meet him at the airport. Well, him, his suitcase, his carry-on, and two full cases (24 bottles) of wine. So happy I was for his return that I cooked him dinner. Well, I heated up […]

Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill

I fully admit that I’m walkin’, talkin’ ball of contradiction, but please hear me out. I was watching the news last night and they showed footage of some U.S. marines (America’s finest, yeah, right) standing by a cliff. Anyway, it showed two soldiers; One was all talk, the other was holding a puppy (or small […]

One More Night

I sound like Phil Collins. But unlike his ballad about longing to spend one more night WITH a person, i’m thrilled to have just one more night WITHOUT a person. Yep, Randy returns home from the west coast tomorrow and life returns to normal. I’ve come to realize many things in his extended absence: 1 […]

Near Everything, Yet Close to Nothing

That’s sometimes how I feel living in Somerville. This past weekend I decided to see a movie at the Kendall Square Cinema in neighborhing Cambridge. With only one subway station in all of Somerville (Davis Square)…and with our house being a mile from that station, I opted to drive to the theatre. Besides, according to […]