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This and That

I made it home from work alive yesterday. I also cleared out some space in the back of the garage for the scooter (since it’s raining/snowing today and tomorrow). I’m wondering if there are some mechanical issues with it, though, since it did stall once on my way home from work yesterday. Of course, it couldn’t happen on a side street. Oh no, this has to be on Mass Ave at the big Porter Square intersection. Good times.

The owner’s manual (which is smaller than the manual I got for my old cell phone, and is also written in worse Engrish than any Asian product I’ve received in years) states that it needs time to warm up in colder temperatures. The outsdie temperature was hovering in the 30’s yesterday so I’m hoping that was the issue.

It could also be user error: I’m new to all of this and surely could be doing something wrong.

I suppose time will tell.

Also last night, Deano came over and we played Scrabble (he won by 15 points) and then we played RummiKub, where Randy won, but Deano lost with a negative score. You win some, you lose some.

Then there’s me and you just lose them all.

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