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What’s New, Buenos Aires?

Everything started out OK this morning. Didn’t stub my toe walking to the bathroom. Didn’t get soap in my eyes during my shower. Didn’t spill my Go! Lean Crunch cereal. But then Randy suggested I take the scooter to work today since the rain was supposed to stop this morning. Until I get more practice in inclement weather (or wet roads), I opted to take follow my old-school routine: walk 5-7 minutes to bus, wait for bus, ride bus, transfer from bus to subway, wait for subway, walk 5-7 minutes from subway.

Instead, I got half way through (transfered to the subway) when I realized that I had left my keys at home. No keys means I can’t get into my office. I climbed above ground again to get cell phone reception, but Randy was already on the highway heading to great outer suburbia.

So, he told me the secret code to get access to the garage. But by this point I was running so late I didn’t feel like starting the commute over again (walk, bus, transfer, subway, walk).

And I survived…with wet roads and even my gym bag on my back. I’m getting good at this. It also only took me half the time to lock it up, too.

Maybe things are starting to improve today. It would be great since I had a such a great time with friends at Tango, an Argentinian restaurant, last night. Ah yes, it was just like our trip to Buenos Aires last year….except down there a three course meal would have cost $10-$12 per person. Up here, we each forked over $44.

But it was goo-ooo-ood.

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