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It’s All About the Food

Easter is one of those holidays I just don’t get. I’ve got religious friends who find Easter to be the most important holiday of the year – even moreso than Christmas. Yet for the majority of people I know, Easter is not a holiday you look forward to. There is no music, there is no gift exchange, there isn’t much decorating (aside from eggs). Yeah, there’s chocolate, but Christmas offers chocolate, too.

Anyway, Easter has always been the holiday I forget about completely until I’m reminded. This year, I was reminded by Randy, who offered to have my parents up for Easter dinner. They arrived on Saturday morning (with Dusty) and left on Sunday afternoon. In between, it was all about food.

Especially for my father who literally walked in the door and went directly for the kitchen; finding a bag of tortilla chips to eat even before taking off his jacket. In fact, he still had luggage in one hand as he tried opening the bag. The tortilla chips were later followed by tortilla chips and salsa, then a brownie, then pistachio nuts. Then we all went to lunch at a place called Krazy Karry’s. We all got burgers, except Mom who got a chicken wrap (but could only finish half). My father, on the other hand, finished his entire burger, plus an order of onion rings, plus a good portion of Randy’s fries. He also had a 22 oz. frappe. We got home and my father immediately dove into my mother’s left-chicken wrap.

It was non-stop and continued into Easter dinner (which we technically had on Saturday, inviting along our friends Chris and Pete to join the family). Dinner consisted of fondue, deep-fried turkey, home-made gravy, asparagus, green beans, roasted potatoes, bread. Dessert was supposed to be a fruit tart, but ended up being Belgian chocolates and chocolate chip cookies.

We worked off all of our calories with a card game.

Easter Sunday was more of the same. This time, Randy grilled pizza on the barbecue..and we played more cards.

Now it’s Monday and I feel 10 pound heavier. My father should be at least 50 pounds heavier, but in his old age he’s developed the metabolism of a humming bird. I suppose that’s a trait I won’t mind inheriting someday. I just wish that day was today.

*I wanted to post a photo from this Easter but haven’t uploaded them yet. The photo above is of a family Easter in 1940’s East Boston. My Mom is on the left.p>

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  1. Comment by Karyn on March 24, 2008 8:49 pm

    I recognised your mom at once… too funny. Have I mentioned how much I love your dad? And I don’t want to hear about your metabolism, you always look great. Maybe the problem for me is that I don’t play enough cards. Hm.

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