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Whining Helps!

Contrary to popular belief, whining can actually get you somewhere. After more-or-less searching independently for airfares to Europe for the past week or two, I kvetched in my blog about my bad luck. With hours of the post, I got text messages, emails, and phonecalls from friends…and even Randy found a possibly flight option.

I’m impressed. From now on, I’m going to ignor that old phrase “Quit your bitching!” Apparently, it helps!

Anyway, it seems there are options to fly from Boston to New York to London to Brussels…and then home direct from Paris. Yeah, it’s not ideal, but it’s nearly $600 cheaper than flying direct to Paris. That’s a start. And Randy has a friend in Brussels (or Bruxelles, as they call it) we can stay with. And I’ve got my friend, Mark, in Paris. So, pretty much the biggest (and only) expense beyond food will be the airfare (and the $40 train ride from Brussels to Paris).

We’ve not purchased any tickets yet. But it’s nice to know there are options. It might make sense to keep waiting until April since now I’ve had TWO people tell me that airlines are expected to drop prices.

In other news, my uncle is in a local hospital. My parents are coming up (again) this afternoon and I’ll be meeting them and taking them to the hospital to visit him. They’ll then stay at our place overnight since my parents are afraid of, well, everything (driving in Boston, driving in traffic, driving at night).

Oh, and our friend, Deano, came over last night for our fairly regular Tuesday night game night. Two games of Scrabble took place (with some chicken wings and salad in between). I did very well in the first game and in last place until the second to last round of the final game. Then I added “verSe” to dozeS” and got 47 points thanks to triple letter (V) and double word scoring. I won managed to win by only 5 points. Phew!

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