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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A very good thing happened on Friday; frequent flyer miles became available for a better flight to Puerto Vallarta (18 days and counting). When we booked the tickets a month or so ago, we did what we normally do: buy one ticket, use frequent flyer miles for the second ticket, then split the cost. Unfortunately, for this trip we couldn’t get miles to be on the same flight. Consequently, my ticket had me flying out Friday (taking an extra day off from work) for a three-legged trip (Boston, New York, Dallas, Puerto Vallarta) that took over 11 hours. Randy’s flight was the next day (Saturday), has only one connection, and is only 7.5 hours. Did I mention HE was also flying business/first class?

Anyway, Randy re-checked the availability of better frequent flyer mile options and there was a better one! I’m still leaving on Friday, but it just has one connection (in Chicago) and is 4 hours shorter than the previous flight. I’m still not first class, like Randy, but at least Ill be there earlier enough to enjoy the beach in the afternoon.

More good news: I bought a scooter. Yep, I opted for the Kymco Agility and paid for it yesterday. I can technically pick it up today, but will have to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles before I can use it. It may not be until tomorrow when I can actually get it. Still, I can cease getting a subway pass – saving me $29.50/month.


  1. Comment by ellen on March 17, 2008 3:30 pm

    What color???????

  2. Comment by snarl on March 17, 2008 3:39 pm

    Same as the photo: It”s listed as “silver” on the registration…but there is as much black as there is silver on the thing.

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