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I’m Glad We Waited

Last night Randy and I watched the movie, “The Ruins”, that we’d recorded on the DVR. I had no clue what it was about a year or so ago when Randy was reading the book, and I had no clue what it was last night when I noticed Randy had recorded it on the DVR.

And I can honestly say now that I’m happy as hell that he didn’t show me the movie prior to our trip to Mexico last month. Basically, some college kids go on spring break in Mexico. They decide to explore some ruins on their last day (you know, get a bit of culture after a week on the beach). They decide to go to these “secret” ruins that are off the map, but supposedly really cool.

They arrive at a Mayan pyramid, get surrounded by some native people (who don’t speak English or Spanish), and are forced to climb the pyramid. And then it gets strange. Now, I won’t give the movie away or anything but it’s a horror flick so you do the math.

It had it’s creepy moments toward the beginning, but the resulting cause of all of the horror ended up being a bit to hokey for me. I imagine reading it in a book would come off as scarier than actually seeing the computer-generated effects on screen.

There were some generally creepy moments, and there were some bloody moments, particularly when one of the college kids appears to go insane and starts slicing up her body to save herself (toward the end, this particular one reminded me of Nancy Spungen of Sid and Nancy fame; unkempt blonde hair, dirty under pants and tank, bloody).

Well, I’ll say it again…I’m glad Randy showed me this film today…AFTER we did our own little trip to some Mayan ruins earlier this month. I’m mature enough to realize that what happened in the movie wouldn’t happen to us in real life, but the isolation of the area surrounding the ruins can be creepy. Most visitors do a day trip and leave by 7PM. The VERY few that stay behind (like us) are literally in the jungle. Our hotel room had no windows in the bathroom (just screens) and the front door to our motel room was a hollow door – the kind you’d find on a closet in a cheap home remodel. Kate Moss sneezing could have cause the door to push open.

So, thanks, Randy, for waiting until after the trip to show me this movie. Maybe he learned his lesson after making me watch the first episode(s) of “Lost” the day before we flew to Europe last year? Real smart to make me watch vivid depictions of a plane crash the night before a flight, Randy!

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