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She Doesn’t Solve Everything

About a year ago Randy and I started using a maid. Despite the fact that Randy’s job no longer had him traveling and despite the fact that my job gets me home at a reasonable hour each day, we still weren’t managing to clean the place as regularly as we should. And when it came time to clean, the place was pretty bad because we’d put it off for so long.

Now Marcia comes once every two weeks and does a kick-ass job. The dust bunnies are gone, the crumbs in the toaster are gone, the stove top sparkles, and I can enjoy my workday evenings of DVR catch-up and porn.

But now it seems Randy and I have found a new thing with which to procrastinate: laundry. Normally I seem to do the laundry (I’m not sure how that came about, but such is life). About a week and a half ago, though, Randy through in a couple of loads. The bulk of that laundry (until last night) remained either hanging to dry in the basement or in the dryer.

I didn’t really notice it until the middle of this week when I couldn’t find any socks.

It’s gotten so bad that, for example, I was doing laundry last night (two loads) and there was still stuff remaining. So later in the evening Randy decided to put another load into the washer….and we decided to just leave it there until morning (mildew be damned) because I was already in bed and Randy didn’t feel like going down to do it.

Why? Why are we so lazy? I mean, we no longer have to worry about cleaning the house. We had very simple meals last night that didn’t warrant much cooking time or the cleaning of many dishes. I know chores aren’t fun…but come on! Hell, I plan on taking some of the stuff that was washed and bringing it down to my parent’s this weekend so my mother can iron it (she actually says she enjoys ironing…and for the record the reason for my visit is not to have her iron).

It’s so strange because I can be so motivated about other things (trip planning, the house search). Maybe that’s the problem…maybe I become so ambitious with other things that it drains me for doing others?

On the plus side, I’ve done Wii Fit three times this week plus went to the gym once. I guess that’s something. 

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  1. Comment by jeffrey on March 27, 2009 3:55 pm

    Time for a house boy or what? Try craigslist.

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