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I wasn’t able to log-in yesterday to update my blog. I guess there was something wrong with the server. Either way, I’m back today…

…but with not much to say.

My weekend was spent on the Cape visiting with the parents (and Dusty). It was really relaxing – just what the doctor ordered after this nasty cold/sinus thing I had. Dusty has really matured in the past year. Now that she’s no longer a puppy, she actually lays on your lap. At night, she curls into a little ball and plops herself down right against my chest. In fact, on Friday night I REALLY caught up on sleep – getting 11 hours. Dusty stayed with me the entire time (in addition to her mental maturity, her bladder has apparently matured, too).

Then last night I had the strangest dream. Every element of the dream was based on real events in my life over the past few years, but every element was simultaneously completely different. That probably doesn’t make sense – let me explain.

I was still in a long term relationship with Matt, but it wasn’t with the Matt I know. We still owned a condo, but it wasn’t one of the condos we owned. The condo was in Salem, but it looked like Paris. The condo, like our two condos, had harbor views, but this one was right on the water. The condo was on the top floor (as was our Salem condo), but the top floor in this building was 6 floors. I worked at Harvard, but not in my current position. Two people had died in my life recently in this dream, but the dream didn’t specify who they were.

Anyway, in the dream I went to work and a co-worker (who I don’t really know very well in real life) looked completely different. In real life, this person is thin, tall, blonde and married. In my dream, she was short, pudgy and a lesbian. She came to my office for what I thought was to congratulate me on a promotion, when in fact she was there to throw a party thanking me for the work I’d done managing the estate of my dead friend. During the party, she painted me a picture of Fred Flintsone to hang in my office (her way of saying thank you).

I then returned to Salem (Paris) and found that a French language radio station moved into the lobby. I took the elevator up to my condo and the hallway was that of an apartment I had in Newburyport back in the early 1990’s. This elevator also had windows and we watched whales bobbing in the water.

Then I woke up. What does this mean?


  1. Comment by David on October 25, 2005 11:41 am

    That the White Trash test was wrong?
    That you are weird?
    That you are mildly confused with your life, and in your subsconscious has meshed it all together, secretly hoping that it will be beaten out of you when you are in in leather handcuffs and chains, with a leather paddle and a whip.
    Honestly, I have no idea. 🙂

  2. Comment by Mark on October 25, 2005 12:09 pm

    Stop eating ‘shrooms before bed, dear. You had me until Fred Flintstone.

  3. Comment by JC on October 25, 2005 12:21 pm

    Hey, I had a dream last night that my roommate asked me to dinner but I couldn’t leave my apartment because I was waiting for a call from George Washington on my cell phone. Our subconscious minds are just fascinating in the most inscrutable ways…

  4. Comment by Underling on October 25, 2005 1:07 pm

    If I’m interpreting it correctly, it means that I need a drink.

    And…you might be a little insane…]

    But, then I had a dream that my mom and I were being chased by Dog the Bounty Hunter last night while my boyfriend watched it all on A&E and laughed…what do you think that means?

  5. Comment by karyn on October 25, 2005 9:55 pm

    Just your overworked, Above Average brain shuffling the cosmic crap, Snarl. I don’t think it means much. Just been a helluva year for you and the gray matter has to sort it out SOME time.

  6. Comment by matt on October 26, 2005 2:33 am

    Liberty Mutual sent me a bill for our insurance for the Boston condo. ???? What is up with that?

    I’ve no idea what that dream meant, but it is kind of cool that we could see whales.

  7. Comment by Brad on October 26, 2005 10:41 am

    I think you need to be analyzed. Signed, Sigmund Freud

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