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Here We Go Again

OK – I’m beginning to think the people I love are cursed. At least in the years between 2003 and 2005. Here’s the latest on my family drama.

After a peaceful weekend on the Cape with my parents, I returned to Boston on Sunday. On Monday night, my 74 year old mother was walking Dusty when, for some still unknown reason, she fell. Face first. Onto the cold, wet, hard street (this is because Dusty, having been raised in the city, refuses to do her business on the soft grass). Fortunately, my father was there with her.

Hospitalization wasn’t required (yet), but she did manage to bang herhself up pretty badly. Her face hit the pavement pretty forcefully, causing her nose to swell up. In addition, she scraped the skin off her nose, cheek, knees and hand. Her lip and nose were actually bleeding rather heavily for a bit, too. Since then, she’s had a splitting head ache (concussion?) and has even vomitted (probably from the shock and head ache).

I’m relieved that my father was with her at the time. I’m also relieved that she didn’t break anything. You always hear horror stories about people her age falling and breaking a hip. I guess my Mom’s a strong woman. Still, if the head ache doesn’t go away today, she’s going to get herself checked out at the doctor.

Then, my brother was supposed to crash at my place last night because my sister-in-law was going in for some overnight testing at a Boston hospital. Well, Heidi woke up that morning with a head ache and felt feverish. By the time they got to the hospital, the doctors looked her over…then rushed her into the emergency room where she was monitored for the duration of the day. Last night, she was admitted into a hospital room with some sort of infection caused by her feeding tubes. Ugh.

She’s going to be in for at least 48 hours. My brother was fortunately able to spend the night in the room with her. He’ll be heading back home to care for the kids. Heidi had another appointment already scheduled for Friday so they’re hoping she can just stay in the hospital until then (instead of my brother having to drive back to Boston on Thursday to bring her home…only to bring her back to the same place the next morning).

Life’s an adventure.


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  1. Comment by Brad on October 26, 2005 10:43 am

    An adventure that I hope for your sake and for your family’s will prove to settle down and come to a happy conclusion. Keeping you in my thoughts . . . and NO you are not cursed!! 🙂

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