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Time for a Trip to the Mechanic

Matt and I went to Chinatown for dim sum this morning. For a change of scenery we went to Empire Garden, which is located in an old theatre. It had gorgeous high ceilings, chandeliers, murals on the ceiling and a grand marble staircase. Very opulent and spacious compared to other Chinatown restaurants. The dining room was the entire old theatre space and stage so it seats over 1,000 people…and it was packed (PACKED!). The staff was friendly, but the food didn’t arrive off the carts as hot as at our old favorite, China Pearl. But I still liked it and am willing to give them another shot.

Anyway, after dim sum, Matt returned home to care for Dusty (who is exhibiting some peculiar behavior – making Matt want to take her to the vet during the holiday weekend). I can’t imagine what he’d be like if Dusty was human.

I ended up going to the Back Bay instead of returning right home. I walked around a bit and then went to Trader Joe’s. Apparently, there is is yet another Red Sox game taking place today because the outbound Green Line subway and Boylston Street were packed with men (and a few women) in Red sox shirts, shorts and caps.

The strangest thing, though, is that nearly every single man looked gay to me*. They weren’t the stereotypical beer-bellied, poorly-dressed slob you knew and loved from the 1970’s. Nope, these were hunky types of all shapes and sizes. And, whether it’s because of the influence of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or not, they were well-groomed, in great shape and frequently well-dressed (the exception being the ones in Red Sox attire).

I know it wasn’t Gay Days at Fenway so I’m assuming they all must have been straight and that my Gaydar has just gone kaput. I would have thought it would have lasted longer. I mean, I’ve only been using it for 10 years or so. Is there a warranty? Where do I go to get it fixed? Palm Springs? Key West? The Ballet?


*However, one tell-tale sign of male straightness that I observed Friday night (on the way to the Ramrod) is that, when under the influence of alcohol, you can always tell a straight guy because they yell. What is it with straight men (usually 18-30) who find it necessary to walk down a street late at night and just yell “YEAH” at the top of their lungs? Is it a mating ritual? And one yell is always followed by others. Can anybody explain this phenomenon?


  1. Comment by matt on September 5, 2004 7:18 pm

    I can’t explain why straight men do that, but they do and it annoys me. They just need to stop it.

    I worry about Dusty because she is our puppy and she is a princess. I do not like seeing her ill. I love her.

  2. Comment by chrispy on September 5, 2004 9:43 pm

    casey: read this for the real deal on straight male style. it seems that het men are reclaiming their Dandy crowns! i think not!

    i mean, yeah carson kressley is an extreme case of gay style, but at least hes pushing the envelope in terms of advocating an expression of personal style.

    and:arent the Straight guys at the gym with the best bodies anyways??? i mean straight women are fortunate to sleep with these specimens of protein on legs. dating them however is another matter.

  3. Comment by Jason on September 7, 2004 10:06 pm

    Dave went to that game. Maybe it was a bunch of fruits at Fenway.

  4. Comment by Underling on September 14, 2004 9:13 pm

    As Janeane Garfalo said:

    “Evil is in the eye of every frat boy who ever raised a glass of beer and yealled “YEAAHHHH!!!”.

  5. Comment by Ivailo on August 25, 2005 9:16 am

    Your blog is realy very interesting.

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