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A Lot Has Happened Since I Last Blogged

Yet at the same time, a lot has not happened to me personally. In fact, since Sunday night I’ve left the apartment exactly once. It’s now Thursday night and and I still haven’t even stepped off the 27th floor yet today. It’s interesting, being in the apartment, despite overlooking The Tokyo skyline, makes me feel like I’m at home back in Boston. Cocooned in our flat, nothing directly affects me that would make my life any different than it would be in the USofA.

But last night I got together with Randy and a few of his work friends for dinner and only then did it remind me that I’m 6,000+ miles away from “home.” Immediately upon stepping into the elevator and hearing the recorded voice (I sill have no idea what it’s telling me) I recalled that I was in another country. Then walking down the street and realizing that nobody else looks like me, and the signs, though familiar in format, all contain characters that, just for a moment, make me think they’re in English and I’ve somehow lost the ability to read.

But it’s all good. What I was trying to explain isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s more of a reflection of my personality. I’m a homebody through and through.

And speaking of homes…that brings me back to the whole “lots happening” thing I mentioned earlier.

On Sunday night I ended up getting together for dinner with a friend who was here on business. His company was paying so we ate at this place called the Oak Door in Roppongi Hills. I think it was the most expensive meal I’ve had in my life. Correction: it was the most expensive meal I’ve had in my life. Two people came out to over $1,600.00. I got to have Kobe Beef for the first time…at $235 for one small piece (so we had two pieces, natch). Plus a $180 bottle of wine, appetizers, and sides. Oh, and a $20 mojito before dinner.

I’m not normally one for hype, but Kobe beef is different. The texture was dense, the flavor was…well…flavorful. It was soft, it was moist. It was everything steak should be (except cheap). It was the perfect meal to put me to sleep.

So, on Monday our IKEA furniture arrived and I set out assembling that. By Tuesday afternoon everything was assembled except one piece that required power tools. Also on Tuesday, my father had surgery (#2 this year), this time to scrape and empty out his sinus cavity. Per mom, he made it out OK, but is having problems (again) getting the anesthesia out of his system.

On Wednesday, the boxes we shipped from home arrived and now our place REALLY feels like home. It’s furnished, and over the past two days everything has been unpacked and put away. Aside from a stack of empty boxes in a corner (still need to figure out what to do with those) the place looks as if it’s been lived in for years.

And all of this I managed to do while Randy was away on his business trip. He got to come back to find the whole place ready to live in.

Oh, and my ass finally stopped hurting. No more lunges (or squats, whatever they’re called) for me.

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