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A Pain in the Ass

Yesterday before he abandoned me for his business trip to Yonezawa, Randy talked me into trying out our building’s gym. Considering there are only 21 apartments in our building, it’s not that bad of a facility. It’s located on the 29th floor and has north-facing views of the city, it’s got a bathroom (with Toto washlet, natch), a tread mill, elliptical, machines for the lower and upper arms/back, free weights, some leg thing-a-ma-jig, and a scale.

Oh, that blasted scale. After a month of essentially giving up on the Weight Watchers as we tried to rid our cupboards, fridge, and freezer of food, not to mention the going away and birthday parties last month, I’ve managed to gain 5 pounds back. BOO.

But even worse than that was that Randy tried teaching me how to do lunges (or squats…I’m not quite sure). Either way, we did a repetition of 50 of them. I didn’t feel anything at the time.

Heck, I didn’t feel anything this morning, either. But our IKEA delivery arrived today and with Randy on his business trip it was left to me to assemble everything (3 lamps, coffee table, end table, desk chair, wall storage cabinet, and two pieces of art I had to frame myself). I had to give up on the office desk since it required a power tool.

And as the day went on I started noticing my butt hurt. I thought it was from the furniture assembly but then I remembered that ridiculous looking exercise I was encouraged to try yesterday and it all became clear.

Now that I’m exhausted from the gym and putting together an apartment full of furniture, all I want to do is sit back and watch some TV. Alas, the boxes we shipped aren’t expected to arrive until Wednesday (and that shipment includes our TV). I think I’m going through withdrawal.

Oh well, there was a reason I burned over 180 movies to my computer before we moved. Now, what am I in the mood for?

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  1. Comment by Randy on June 17, 2012 10:16 am

    Welcome to the world of exercise. We need to do more of it on a regular basis. Kick these butts into shape.

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