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Check Your Zipper

We’re back! OK, we’ve technically been back for 3 days. But I’m not sure I mentioned on here that we were going anywhere, let alone that we’d returned.

A week ago last Friday we boarded a plane and flew to Minneapolis where we spent one night before catching our connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our friends, Ben and Sandy, invited us to share their timeshare for a week. This was our third time at the property, but this time in a newer building.

We had a great time…the weather cooperated, with only the day after we arrived as the one cloudy day (it did clear up around 4:30pm). Otherwise, we had nearly non-stop sunshine until we flew back Sunday afternoon.

Most of our time was spent by the pool, or out and about eating at various restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and Bucerias. But on Thursday I FINALLY talked Randy into doing a zipline (canopy tour) over the Sierra Madre mountains. In case you don’t know what that is…it’s essentially gliding between mountains while dangling from a wire. You’re harnessed in so it’s safe (well, it felt safe, at least). There’s the main harness connector, a back-up connector, then a handlebar which I guess is like a third safety precaution. The longest line was 1/4 mile long and 550 feet above the river. After 11 zips, we were at the bottom of the valley floor and finished the adventure by taking mules up to to the top again.

Actually, that’s a lie. I think a bigger adventure was the ride back to the resort in an open-air “bus.” It wasn’t so much of a bus as it was a large pick-up truck with five rows of benches in back (very narrow benches, I might add) with no sides. It was bad enough driving down the mountain on a bumpy dirt road, but then to be in this “vehicle” on the damn Mexican streets with their speed bumps every 10 feet…well, let me just say I’m glad I used the rest room before we left. At one point, Ben and I were airborne (he banged his shins on the bench in front of him leaving scapes/bruises on both legs).

On Saturday, we left the resort and Randy and I stayed at a charming boutique hotel in downtown Puerto Vallarta. We were quite lucky as the city was celebrating Carnival that night and we got to watch their Carnival parade. It was nothing like Rio or Mardi Gras, but it was quite entertaining.

While we were away, the contractor installing our hardwood floors was supposed to re-finish the stairs that he screwed up initially (he used a water-based finish and didn’t sweep well enough so there were bumps of dirt/wood dust in the finish). Our vacation was the perfect time for him to re-finish it properly with oil-based finish since it requires that nobody walk on it for a day.

Well, we got back and the idiot just put the oil based finish on top of the water-based finish without sanding. So, the bumps were still there. Now he has to come back tomorrow and do it again…which is terribly inconvenient since a) we’re back from vacation and b) this damn project has been on-going since January. Worst contractor I’ve ever dealth with.

Knock on wood (pun intended) work will be done by Saturday and we’ll be DONE with home repairs for a long while. YAY!


  1. Comment by Melody on March 10, 2011 5:10 pm

    Glad you and Randy had such a good time on Vacation. Ziplining sounds like it would be great fun.

  2. Comment by randy on March 21, 2011 9:11 pm

    knock knock

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