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I Was Floored

After over a year of talk, we’re nearly finished with having hardwood floors installed. From the minute we first stepped foot in our townhouse to tour it with the real estate broker over 1.5 years ago, we said that we thought the upper levels would look better with hardwood floors versus the off-white carpet that was currently there.

A few months after moving in and getting settled we had a contractor come out and prepare a quote. Actually, we had multiple contractors come out (some for hardwood, others to replace the hideous carpet with more attractive carpet). We ultimately decided to go with hardwood floors.

Then Chris moved in for a while so we put the project on hold untiul he left in November. More quotes were sought, then the holidays happeend upon us (who could have predicted those were coming?).

Finally, work began in January. The floors on the 3rd and 4th floors were completed with hickory. AHHH – pretty (and a dusty process). Then the delays started. Whether it was weather (damn snow), social calendars (parties, company), or an irresponsible contractor (who does things piecemeal), the stairs still aren’t complete.

But they’re close! He’s been here almost this entire week putting the wood on the stairs. Now he’s in the sanding and finishing stage. The hope is that he can finish everything next week (re-sanding, re-finishing, painting the risers and trim).

YAY! Then we’re going to have to have the place cleaned…big time. Despite keeping doors shut and placing towels under each door, there is dust everywhere. I never knew it could cling to walls…but our walls are covered, so you can just imagine what the horizontal surfaces are like!

I suppose it will be worth it in the end.  Whether or not it increases our re-sale value (our broker thinks it will), it will at least look nicer than those stained carpets. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…but who picks out off-white carpet? In New England, of all places. Even though we took our shoes off downstairs when we were home and the carpet was on the 3rd and 4th floors, they still looked horrible (at least to us).

But not any more!

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