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(un)Like Riding a Bike

Today is September 9th. It is also the first day I’ve worn pants in over 3 months. I think the last time I wore pants was around Memorial Day. But with highs expected at about 70 degrees (and morning temperatures even lower), I figured I’d wear jeans today.

It’s weird. I’m not used to having any sort of fabric below my knee. It also doesn’t help that I’ve trended toward the heavier side over the past few years so my jeans most likely are a bit snug (they were also washed before the season and newly washed jeans are always tighter at first).

Stil, that’s no excuse. I suppose it’s a good thing I’m wearing them today because I’ll need to get used to it. Tomorrow we fly to Helsinki and temperatures there are expected to be even cooler, with highs around 60. Not only will I be wearing jeans, but I’ll be adding a jacket to things, too.

What a difference a few days makes.

Oh, and since we mentioned my gradually expanding (but hopefully reducing…I went to the gym three times last week) belly, a report was released yesterday that said 33% of Massachusetts students were overweight. I was rather pleasantly surprised to read that my town, Arlington, has the thinnest student body, with only 9.6% overweight.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not in school anymore or I’d skew our numbers in the wrong direction.

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