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Walking n’ Talking

This is like a youth reunion week for me. Last night I got together for dinner with my friend, Jen, who I worked with at Record Town 15 years ago while a poor struggling college student. That was back when the Prudential Center shopping mall didn’t exist (it was an unpleasant outdoor concrete arcade with an Au Bon Pain and some banks), Urban Outfitters sold cool clothes, and the Happy Mondays and Soho were all the rage on FNX.

Anyway, last night we met up and headed to Hanover Street for dinner. After getting the run-around from the host at one restaurant (“Your’e table is being cleared now,” “just a few more minutes,” “the people are paying the bill now,” “almost ready!”) we ended up going to Mother Anna’s. Jen ordered a delicious ricotta gnochi with scallops, lobster and shrimp. I ordered some other seafood dish with shrimp, proscuitto and mozzarella (hers was better).


2,984,386 calories later, we walked up to Gelateria and ordered gelato (mine was banana and chocolate..a good mix). We walked and talked and laughed our way to the Prado and made obscene comments about the parade of cows. In fact, whenever we hang out together (unfortunately a rare thing) it’s like I’m 20 again. The silliest (and most immature things) make us laugh.

Tomorrow night, I’m getting together with two high school friends (ugh – going back 19 years now). One of them, Jessie, is my ex-girlfriend from junior year. The other, is my friend, Cookie, who actually wanted to date me at the same time as Jessie and I had to choose between the two of them. It was so scandalous (to me) back then and I find it so ironic now that I’m having dinner with both at the same time – nearly 20 years later. Anyway, I’ve remained friends with both (though did lose contact with Jessie for a decade when she moved to Austin). In fact, I’ve not seen Jessie since I was about 19 so this will be very intersting. Wait – I just remembered that she’s linked to my blog as the Tao of Davis: great sense of humor.

Fittingly, I suspect Friday night’s dinner will be as hilarious as last night’s with Jen. And with three twisted minds instead of two, I’m looking quite forward to it.



  1. Comment by Brad on August 10, 2006 11:05 am

    What fun. I’ve not kept in touch with any of my high school friends (and not sure I want to), but have with a few of my college friends (and beyond). This is neat that you’ve done so much better about it.

  2. Comment by Golden on August 10, 2006 11:38 am

    And when do I get to see your smiling face after all these years?? 🙂

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