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Southern Hospitality?

What a strange weekend I had. It started normal enough with me spending Friday night home alone taking it easy. I played on line, I watched some TV, I sketched a bit, and I went to bed at a reasonable hour. On Saturday morning I cleaned the apartment a bit in anticipation of some company […]

A Prime(Time) Let Down

I ended up doing nothing last night. Mike got home late from his board meeting and I was already comfortably settled into my apartment and had little (correction: no) energy to take the subway to his place and then climb that mountain he lives upon (a slight exaggeration…but he is at the top of a […]

A Nice Night

Despite the memories yesterday brought up, I ended up having a very good night. My office computer was being upgraded to Windows XP so I had no computer after noon. But that worked out well since I had a 3 PM appointment with my tax accountant to go over the four tax returns I have to file […]

A Not-So Happy Anniversary

It was a year ago today – precisely at 6:27 PM – that my friend, Regina, died after her battle with breast cancer. Her death has affected me more than any other. In the past, I’ve lost cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and a niece, but no immediate family (parents/sibling) or friends. This is the first time I’ve […]