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A Prime(Time) Let Down

I ended up doing nothing last night. Mike got home late from his board meeting and I was already comfortably settled into my apartment and had little (correction: no) energy to take the subway to his place and then climb that mountain he lives upon (a slight exaggeration…but he is at the top of a substantial hill).

Instead, I cooked dinner, surfed the net, did a bit of reading, and eagerly anticipated my Thursday night Must See TV. Alas, there wasn’t much to see. The first hour of Must See TV was pre-empted by that Howie Mandell game show. Now, I will admit that I find something oddly sexy about Mr. Mandell – but I just can’t seem to get into hour-long prime-time game shows. So, I had to wait another hour for my soothing sitcoms to actually come on and entertain me (My Name is Earl and The Office). But by that point I was already distracted and didn’t enjoy them as much as I would have liked. I always thought I was easy to please.

Apparently not.

Here’s my observation of the day: I was walking along Mass Ave (Cambridge) on my way to work this morning when I noticed what I thought was a homeless man going through the heap of trash bags on the sidewalk awaiting the garbage pick-up. Unlike the homeless I’ve seen in the Back Bay, South End and Fenway who rip open bags looking for cans and botles to deposit, this nice man was meticulously untying a bag, digging through it, then tying the bag back up again. He would then move on to the next back. So responsible.

But then I looked closer and couldn’t tell if this was a homeless man or whether he was an earthy-crunchy Cambridge type just doing his best to save the environment by helping others recycle.  I suppose he could be an environmentally-conscious homeless man. I just don’t know. But he was most definitely not the sort of trash-digger I’ve observed in the past.




  1. Comment by karyn on March 3, 2006 2:03 pm

    Re: Your Trash Digger – Maybe he was one of those Fregans recently profiled on the news, yeah? Or maybe a detective sorting through trash looking for evidence believed to come from that neighborhood. Possible, no? And hi – what am I – chopped liver apparently? Did you not spend some time yapping with your beloved friend of olde last night? Sheesh! This Straight doesn’t rate on Karl’s Big Scale Of Greatness it seems! I’ll chalk it up to my 2% greater-white-trash-than-you score. Harrumph.

  2. Comment by Lise on March 3, 2006 4:21 pm

    It wasn’t because you were distracted that you didn’t enjoy them. Earl was completely lame, and way too preachy. Even Joyce was flat. And The Office was not up to it’s usual standard – funny bits, good stuff, but our expectations are so high now and it was an off night.

  3. Comment by Golden on March 3, 2006 4:27 pm

    That was the only funny part. Then again, I don’t like the show in general, but with 5 loads of laundry to fold, I was held hostage.

  4. Comment by matt on March 5, 2006 6:51 pm

    Trash digging isn’t what it used to be…

  5. Comment by Brad on March 6, 2006 10:54 am

    I agree with Matt. It’s too high class these days. I wonder what Karen Walker would say about it?

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