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Taking Things Literally

I think Matt was paying too much attention to the movie, “A Dirty Shame”, in which twelve sexual apostles each have their own unique sexual fetish. Check out Matt’s blog (link to the right) and read yesterday’s entry.

It’s funny because last night I went out for dinner in the North End with some friends. We then picked up some pastries and came back to our place to chat. When we got there, Dusty was all excited to see us (no surprise). But Matt told us not to let her lick us. I kept digging for an explanation but he wouldn’t budge. Now I know. And I hope my friends don’t read the blog today.

In other news, I had an old filling replaced yesterday morning. Even though the dentist said not to chew on that side of my mouth for an hour or so, I’m still afraid to chew over there 24 hours later. Sigh.

And I’m starting to get annoyed at spam. It’s bad enough that we get spam in our emails and spam through pop-ups (and other forms of spam through junk mail, TV advertising, billboards, magazine inserts). But now my blog is starting to get spam in the comments section. Who are these people?


  1. Comment by Underling on October 5, 2004 4:00 pm

    Blog spam? That’s a neww one…

  2. Comment by Will on October 6, 2004 7:19 am

    I haven’t gotten blog spam personally but have seen it on blogs I read and where I like to leave comments. Pathetic–and a real invasion.

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