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My Weekend Summary (the adventures were endless – don’t you wish you were me?)

I’m hoping the sarcasm in that heading was obvious. My Friday began with Financial Planning homework. To be honest, although the workload is greater than I had expected, I’m finding the topic very interesting and helpful. Matt can attest to this but I’m frugle (Matt says cheap: Poh-tay-toh, poh-tah-toh*). So reading about how to most efficiently save and spend money is something that interests me.

On Saturday, I went to visit my niece in the hospital. Her situation seems to be getting more and more complicated by the day. It appears that she’s unable to urinate completely and the urine that remains in her bladder is causing her to get infections. It’s odd, because she urinated a storm right before getting a cat-scan, but the results of the cat scan indicated a full bladder. So what does this mean? It means that going forward, my brother and his wife will have to give her catheters 4 times every day (although, it’s being done by nurses while at the hospital). The nurses are teaching my brother and sister-in-law to do it themselves. Lucky me got to arrive as it was taking place. The poor little 2 year old girl has countless tubes entering her chest and stomach (some for providing nutrition, others to drain stomach fluids and other nasty things) and now she has to have one person hold her down and spread her legs while another person inserts a hard plastic tube into her vagina all the way to the bladder. Then they have to apply pressure to her stomach (which in turn is creating pressure on the bladder and forcing the release of urine). Heather obviously hates this.

After the hospital visit, I met Matt at Petco where Dusty was to receive her first real grooming. Her appointment was for 2PM, but Matt told the groomer that she’s a bit of a baby and that he wanted to be there when she was groomed. The groomer agreed to let Matt (and me) attend, but he had to bump Dusty to the 4PM appointment. Matt and I walked around the Cambridgeside Galleria then returned for what I can only explain as a deleted scene from The Exorcist. Dusty was okay getting her back shaved with the razor, but anytime the razor went near her legs or her face, she screamed. I’m not lying – we have the only dog on earth that has the ability to scream. Her eyes opened right up, the sides were all bloodshot, her mouth remained open as wide as possible and a high pitch scream just echoed in the glass room. Customers were congregating around the windows to see which dog was being brutally mutilated. No mutilation, no bloodshed. Just Dusty with clumps of hair dropping to the floor. She’s now half the size she was before the grooming. I’m not sure if it’s because all of the hair is gone, or because of all the exercise/energy she used fighting her grooming adventure. Matt and I decided that next time we’re dropping her off and leaving.

Oh, I forgot to mention that on my way to the groomer from the hospital I was passing by Government Center. I don’t know what it is, but once a year there is a vintage car show on the plaza in front of City Hall. I have absolutely no interest in cars yet it’s been inevitable that I (or Matt and I) have stumbled upon this car show every single year since we’ve been together. It’s the strangest thing. I never see fun stuff taking place on the plaza that would interest me, but I can inevitably look forward to seeing the car show.

Saturday night Matt and I watched Disc 1 of the 3rd season of Strangers with Candy. I laughed my ass off (after the hospital visit and then puppy exorcism, I needed the laughs). One particular episode focused on sexually transmitted diseases and the subtle stuff happening in the background was hysterical. My favorite was when the Blank family was eating breakfast. Jerri was having “Chocolate Scabies” for her cereal.

And speaking of scabies, Matt and I went to see “A Dirty Shame” on Sunday. I really enjoyed it. As Matt has said, the nursing home scene is worth the price of admission in itself. Besides, how can you not enjoy a movie that shows David Hasselhoff taking a dump and Johnny Knoxville’s body acting like a penis and ejaculating to the point of flooding Baltimore (and covering up the camera lens)?

But after that high moment, I went back to the hospital and visited my niece. My luck, I arrived as she was being prepped for her afternoon catheter. If I observe it one more time, I’m sure I’ll be able to perform it myself. But Heather was well behaved. It’s just so sad that she has to live like this. And you can tell in her eyes that it’s no fun. She doesn’t appear to be in pain, but she’s the most serious looking child I’ve ever seen. I just wish she could have at least some enjoyment. She gets mesmerized by her Elmo videos so at least there’s something.

Anyway, Sunday night I did more homework and then watched more Strangers with Candy. What a weekend!


*This reference doesn’t work so well when read as it does when audible.


  1. Comment by Jason on October 6, 2004 10:29 pm

    I laughed my ass off with your description of the grooming. They always tell us Sasha was great for her groomings. She’s not the sassy girl that Dusty is, but she gets feisty when we try to groom her. I think the groomers will just lie to you if you drop her off and tell you she was great. That’s what they tell us and I never believe them.

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