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The Scent of a Man

Since Matt is leaving work early today to catch a train to NYC, he wanted to get to the office early and I was assigned morning dog-walking duties. So, in my sleep-encrusted eyes, I got up, threw on some jeans and brought Dusty out for a walk while Matt prepped for his big day. Upon exiting the building, I walked to the right until the end of the building then turned around to walk to the other end of the building. About 20 feet after passing the front door (which is in the middle of the block) I turned around to see Matt leave (in my shirt, I might add…he’s taking MY clothes to Manhattan, the bastard). He had is discman on so he couldn’t hear me – and he wasn’t looking my way so he didn’t realize I was there.

Dusty was facing the other direction and didn’t see him leave. But within a few seconds she turned in that direction and began walking towards the front door. Very quickly, though, she began running towards the front door. We have a retractable leash so she was able to run about 12 feet ahead of me. At first, I couldn’t tell what she was running to (or from)…but as I approached the front door myself, I could smell Matt’s cologne (even though at this point he was long gone across the street).

From smelling him, Dusty got all excited and started clawing at the door to get in. She even whimpered!. I opened the door and she bolted up the steps to the second set of doors…and once again began crying. She could smell Matt – and couldn’t wait to see him. We got into the elevator and she was a furball of energy – pacing, sniffing, trying to climb up my leg. The second the elevator doors started opening she RAN down the hall right to our condo door.

When she got in, she started running all over the place searching for Matt. She first ran into the living, then into the kitchen, then to the closed* bedroom door, then the closed guest bathroom door, then the closed media room door. All the while I could hear her sniffing in her search to find Matt. Deflated after not finding him behind any of the doors, she slumped on the floor and just stared at me.

Oh boy – I can tell it’s going to be a long, long weekend without Matt.


*We leave all of our doors closed because, well, Dusty destroys things. By leaving her on the hardwood floors of the living room, our property seems to remain intact.


  1. Comment by David on September 16, 2004 12:04 pm

    Tick tock, tick tock.

  2. Comment by Will on September 17, 2004 9:18 am

    I’m with Dusty–the scent of certain men has been a rich and powerful attraction throughout my liife.

  3. Comment by David in Chicago on September 17, 2004 10:28 am

    Where are the pics of the booty pants???

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