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It’s All Good

With the relocation fast approaching (just 4 more days), I’m starting to feel a bit better about the big move. We’ve essentially packed everything that needs to be packed and the movers are coming tomorrow to ship our stuff to Japan. Oddly enough, our house looks no different than it does on a normal day since we’re not moving any furniture or knick-knacks. Everything we’ve packed in boxes is located in the garage so when people come over, it looks like it’s always looked. But if you dig into the closets and cupboards you’ll notice that they are quite bare.

And thanks to a person in HR in Randy’s Tokyo office, the logistics all seem to be falling into place smoothly, too. The landlord accepted our application for the 27th floor, 1,400+ square foot apartment we wanted, our utilities have been set up for us, and the rental furniture and boxes of things we flew over with a few weeks ago will all be delivered to the apartment before we arrive.

We’ve also booked our tickets, via Air Canada (through Toronto), that appears to be the shortest possibly itinerary excluding the new direct flights from Boston to Tokyo. Plus, I’ll be coming back for the month of August so there’s no need to develop homesickness since I’ll be back in just 59 days. OOH, and as an added bonus, after this next set of flights I’ll have already reached silver status in the United Airlines frequent flyer program (which means upgrades and extra miles per flight).

So, my pessimism has returned to optimism.

At least for now. But you know how I am.


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  1. Comment by snarl on May 31, 2012 9:28 pm

    Oh, and I turned 41 last week (hence the picture). But I was able to visit my parents on the Cape and then Randy and I went to PTown for Memorial Day weekend and had a blast with the perfect weather.

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